Essential Oil Synergy Blends


Nexon Botanics Essential Oils Blends Set is the best starter kit that includes 100% pure and natural essential oil blends, including Breathe Ease, Robbers' Health, Zen Head, Muscle Ease, Zen Sleep, and Anxiety. All our oils are blended in the USA.

These blends are fit for use on every occasion. A perfect gift to your family and loved ones on holidays and their special days. Each blend in this set supports emotional wellbeing and makes you feel better both spiritually and mentally. 
All the synergy blends in this set are made with proprietary combinations of natural, pure, and undiluted oils without any chemicals and additives. Enhance your lifestyle and daily routines with our feel-good blends and live holistically. 


  • Aromatherapy Applications: Nexon Botanics Synergy Essential Oil Blends are used for different aromatherapy needs. Perfect for diffusers, vaporizers, humidifiers, or as a pure alternative for adding in scented candles or incense. Their aromas have a balancing effect on the mind and help in creating a tranquil ambiance.
  • Perfect Gift Set: Nexon Botanics Blends Set includes 6 essential oil blends as mentioned above. It has many household, aromatherapy, massage, and personal care benefits. This set makes a great gift for your friends and family on special occasions and holidays! 
  • Natural and Pure Aromas: Each blend in this set is designed to promote your overall well-being. Our blends are made with proprietary combinations of undiluted and chemical-free essential oils.
  • A Must-Have Set to Feel Better: A set to bring balance and comfort into your lives that often goes missing in chaotic routines. Nexon Botanics Essential Oil Blends help you feel better in your daily routine with their therapeutic benefits. The set comes with the manufacturer’s quick usage guide for each blend. 
  • Relaxing and Peaceful Atmosphere: These blends provide soothing and comforting aromas to enlighten your spirit and reduce stressful feelings—an exclusive set of blends to keep your mood and surroundings calm and relaxed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
My favorite blends!

I use essential oils daily from adding them to my bath water to homemade cleaning products. These synergy blends smell amazing and I can’t get enough. Reasonably priced and quality ingredients.

Sandra Q.
I love muscle ease

Overall, the set is nice and offers a lot with an affordable price, I just wish there was a big bottle fro muscle ease.

Uzma T.
One of the best blend sets Iv'e tried

This is by far one of the best blend sets I have tried, each bottle has a need for me.

Dulce Sanchez
Good but please fill the bottles properly

While the oils are really good, the contents of each bottle are not filled-up and are not consistent. Some are properly filled and some almost arrived with only almost half of its supposed content. The company should have a better quality assurance inspection.

Useful and effective!!

We get a pack of 6 essential oils ( all in one pack) and price is reasonable. Truly, I haven't used all oils but I used few of them. I can say, the peppermint oil worked great for my boy when had high temperature . I just rubbed on his two feet and started to down the temperature. Eucalyptus oil also great.