Organic Rosemary Oil-30ml

Organic Rosemary Oil


Nexon Botanics Organic Rosemary Oil is perfect for personal care. It is beneficial for hair care, massage, aromatherapy and mood uplifting perspective. Our essential oil is USDA certified, pure, natural and therapeutic grade. It is non-toxic, unfiltered and undiluted with no fillers. 

This oil has a refreshing aroma that perks up the mood and promotes a cheerful ambiance. Its aroma is known to reduce anxious feelings and negative emotions. As a massage oil, rosemary’s analgesic properties comfort physical exhaustion and muscular soreness.  

In cosmetics, rosemary oil is famous for its beautifying and moisturizing ability. It calms dryness and irritations, promoting smooth and soft feeling skin. In haircare, rosemary oil is often blended with carrier oils to visibly improve the texture of hair and the scalp. 


Aromatherapy Benefits: Rosemary oil has woody aroma widely used for aromatherapy. Can be used in a diffuser to help uplift the mood. 

For Hair Care: Rosemary oil may help in making the hair visibly thicker and stronger by moisturizing the scalp and protecting it against external aggressors; Can be used in shampoo.

Enhance Skin’s Natural Beauty: Rosemary oil is known to improve skin hydration and elasticity. Massage helps toning skin and calms dryness

Uplifts the Mood: By sniffing rosemary oil, you can immediately feel energetic and refreshed.

Customer Reviews

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Billy Lowder

Organic Rosemary Oil

Great for scalp

Bought it to stimulate hair growth.

Wanda P.
Just like the picture!

Came just like the picture, smells great in my essential oil diffuser!

Ideal for thin hair

Everyone loves this fragrance! It makes a lovely aromatherapy oil for thinning hair like mine, and the fragrance lasts longer than every other brand I have tried. I would definitely buy again.

Mrs Terry Sowders
Good fragrance and packaging

Excellent fragrance and authentic oil.