Organic Frankincense Essential Oil

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Nexon Botanics Organic Frankincense Essential Oil is extracted from the Boswellia Serrata plant. Our oil is steam-distilled, unfiltered, and undiluted. It is USDA-certified organic and 100% natural oil perfect for aromatherapy, personal care, and beauty routine.


  • Aromatherapy Benefits: When diffused, Frankincense Oil promotes feelings of peace, perfect for aromatherapy!
  • Supports Relaxation: Organic Frankincense Oil has a calming scent that naturally promotes a relaxed mood.
  • Visibly Clear Skin: Known to help reduce the appearance of discoloration and blemishes.
  • Gentle Scent: Frankincense Oil has a sweet and welcoming aroma that encourages positivity and balance.
  • Relaxing Massage: Combine 5 drops with 10ml carrier oil; massage onto the skin to comfort your tired body.
  • Essential Oil Dilution for Skin Use: Mix two drops of your favorite essential oil per teaspoon or five drops for every 10ml of carrier oil.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sunmin Jang

    Very good

    Rhodora Masiglat

    The bottle leaked and the label got soaked. It is my first time to use this oil but I had fitful sleeps everytime I used it.