Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil


Nexon Botanics presents its Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil, derived through steam distillation from Cinnamomum verum sourced from Sri Lanka. This essential oil is 100% natural, organic, and undiluted, free from artificial fragrances or additives. Packaged in the USA.


  • Organic Oil: Steam-distilled from Cinnamomum verum of Sri Lanka, Cinnamon Oil is known for its delightfully sweet and spicy scent. 
  • Aromatherapy Benefits: The energizing and invigorating fragrance of Cinnamon Oil perks up the mind and spirit. You can use it in DIY diffuser blends.
  • Muscle Comfort: Cinnamon Oil has a warming and comforting sensation on the body that soothes sore muscles and tense joints. 
  • Deep Breathing: Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil eases nasal airways and promotes easy breathing with its refreshing scent.
  • Visibly Vibrant Skin: Cinnamon Oil has moisturizing properties that promote a visibly youthful complexion and soft skin.
  • Essential Oil Dilution for Skin Use: Mix two drops of your favorite essential oil per teaspoon or five drops for every 10ml of carrier oil.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Jordan
What a wonderful scent

I truly love this Cinnamon Essential Oil. Smells great and long lasting