Organic Lavender Essential Oil

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Nexon Botanics Organic Lavender Essential Oil combines Lavandula Angustifolia and Lavandula Hybrida. It contains the combined benefits of both the Angustifolia and hybrida families; while Angustifolia has a perfect aroma, hybrida has several skin and hair care benefits. Our oil has a pleasant fragrance that provides a balancing effect that enhances calm and relaxed feelings. It is often used as a perfume in lotions, gels, sprays, shampoos, and scented candles.


  • Complimentary Benefits: This Lavender Essential Oil has a combined benefit for both the Angustifolia and Hybrida families. Angustifolia has the perfect aroma and Hybrida has several skincare benefits.
  • Skin Care: Use our oil to enhance your skin’s texture and appearance. Use MCT oil or carrier oil to dilute before direct contact with the skin.
    Promotes Good Mood:
    Organic Lavender Oil exudes a romantic aroma that creates a peaceful ambiance for a relaxing evening.
  • Perfect For Aromatherapy: Lavender Essential Oil is the most commonly used essential oil in aromatherapy due to its sweet, floral fragrance. Our bottle has an integrated dropper for a mess-free experience!
  • Essential Oil Dilution for Skin Use: Mix two drops of your favorite essential oil per teaspoon or five drops for every 10ml of carrier oil.

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      Jose Martinez

      Organic Lavender Oil

      Excellent Product

      I love the fragrance. I love that it is certified organic. I use it in my diffuser in my bathroom. I add a little bit to apricot kernel oil for the fragrance. I put a couple of drops on a wipee to refresh summertime body odor. I buy it often. Great price too.

      100% Recommend

      I just reordered more. I've used several organic lavender essential oils, but once I used this one I could never use another again. 100% recommend!

      Buy and Save
      Lovely scent of real lavender

      I like everything about this lavender oil. I have two diffusers going right now. One in my kitchen and one in my bedroom. I would definitely buy this brand again.

      P. M.
      Not too shabby

      I like that it smells good I like the price and last but final I love the quality.