NB organic lemon essential oil

Organic Lemon Essential Oil


Nexon Botanics Lemon Essential Oil is a multi-purpose oil. It has purifying, detoxifying, and invigorating properties that offer many benefits. It can be used for natural skin and hair care remedies, diffusers, inhalation, and aromatherapy practices. Our oil is 100% PURE AND NATURAL, undiluted, contains no additives, fillers, or alcohol. Extracted from Citrus limon, the origin is Italy. It is bottled in the US. Responsibly made and not tested on animals.


For Aromatherapy:

DIFFUSERS: Lemon oil’s fresh aroma creates an uplifting ambiance in your surroundings to promote a cheerful mood throughout the day. It encourages easier breathing and seasonal relaxation.

MASSAGE: After dilution with carrier oils, lemon oil’s massage on the body helps comfort tension and stiffness.

For Hair Care:

Lemon essential oil detoxifies the scalp, drawing out dirt buildup and excess oils. It improves the scalp’s health and leaves the hair looking shiny and voluminous.

For Skin Care:

Lemon essential oil has astringent properties known to promote skin’s firmness and elasticity. It is soothing for acne-prone skin and helps fade the appearance of dark spots and blemishes.

Customer Reviews

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Really refreshing, and amazing customer service. They answered any questions I have.

Kathy Russell

Originally, I wasn't sure whether to purchase this but after trying it out a couple of times I love the aroma!