7 Tips on How to Extend the Shelf Life of Essential Oils

7 Tips on How to Extend the Shelf Life of Essential Oils

Essential oils have continued to amaze us with their profound benefits for the last decade. Many people invest bucks in collecting essential oils of all kinds. However, most people don't know how to make the most of their money! 

Essential oils don't last forever, you know?

Do Essential Oils Have An Expiry Date?

7 Tips on How to Extend the Shelf Life of Essential Oils

The answer isn't that straightforward. It is naturally presumed that essential oils are natural and they don't expire. However, essential oils do have a shelf life which is not an infinite amount of time. The shelf life of essential oils is influenced by various factors, including moisture, light, and temperature.

Another frequently asked question is: What is the approximate shelf life of essential oils? 

It's a varied period for different oil types. However, there are few hacks you can adopt no matter which essential oils you possess to delay their expiry!

How to tell if Your Essential Oils have expired?

Essential oils don't go rancid like other products. They are just not effective once their shelf life has been reached. They might smell different or less potent! The color and consistency might change as well. A wise way would be to keep track of the date you bought it so you know precisely when the oils might go bad.

So here's a simple guide to essential oils' shelf life to help you make the most of your essential oils. To get seven simple hacks on how to extend the shelf life of your essential oils. Read on!

7 Tips To Extend Shelf Life of Essential Oils

These seven revolutionary hacks will help you manage your essential oil shelf life and storage in the best manner possible. Let's begin!

1-Store in Sealed Containers

A basic and simple way to enhance essential oil shelf life is to adopt appropriate storage methods for your oils. 

You should simply store them in sealed containers to minimize exposure to air. Exposure to air causes oxidation and degradation of the volatile components of essential oils, making them less valuable. In this way, the shelf life of essential oils is also decreased. 

keep essential oils away from sunlight

2-Keep Away from Sunlight

Sunlight can be highly damaging to your essential oils. It can render changes in the color, consistency, and appearance of your essential oils. That's why essential oils are stored in dark amber-colored bottles to prevent UV radiation from penetrating. So, keep your essential oil vials in a cool and dark place. 

3-The Right Temperature is Vital

The correct temperature is vital for the efficacy of your essential oils. A high temperature can be dangerous and will decrease the shelf life of your essential oils.

An ideal temperature of 2-4°C is ideal for prolonging your essential oil shelf life. Also, dedicate a separate refrigerator or a compartment to your essential oils to avoid any spillage or contamination of the food.

4-Do Not Store in Dropper Bottles

Storing your essential oils in dropper bottles is a common practice that can damage your essential oils. The pliable plastic in the droppers can break down over time and contaminate your essential oils. You can keep separate droppers for your oils and seal them with fitting lids afterward. Also, don't use a standard dropper for all of your oils.

5-Keep Oil Bottle Full

Don't leave any headspace in your essential oil bottles or transfer them to smaller containers later on. The space is filled with oxygen, which can also result in the oxidation of your precious essential oils. 

So, be vigilant about the quantity in your bottles as well.

make a not of essential oils expiration and follow the instructions

6-Make A Note of the Date

One crucial tip for managing your essential oil inventory is to keep track of the dates you bought them. This practice will keep you well versed and in control of your essential oil shelf life. You can also label the bottles with the approximate shelf life of each oil, so you can quit using once the shelf life has been reached. Try and keep track of the consistency, color, and aroma of the essential oil.

7-Follow the Instructions

Most essential oils have the guidelines labeled on them. They come with proper procedures on how to manage and store your essential oils. Most essential oil companies also mention the approximate shelf lives of these oils. So, keep track and follow these instructions.

These shelf life tricks can help you maximize your essential oil shelf life easily. To add to your inventory of pure essential oils, visit our store!

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