A Guide To Use Skincare Tools Effectively

A Guide To Use Skincare Tools Effectively

Simplicity is all we want when it comes to our skincare routine. Yet one must agree with the introduction of new skincare ingredients and upgraded treatments; it is more difficult than ever to find the right way to keep your skin in its healthiest condition. Recently, skincare tools like jade rollers and gua sha stones are quite the rage. Everyone seems to be in awe of these tools, and many beauty influencers promote them. It will be understandable if you like to try one to rejuvenate the complexion. Well, we are here to guide you on how to use them because who does not want to achieve a radiant look and smooth texture. 

Read on to learn the use of skincare tools the proper way:

1. Jade Rollers

    Not that long ago, a tool named jade roller came into the skincare scene and never returned. Now famous celebrities like Alicia Keys and Courtney Cox are fascinated with this double-ended tool and have made it a part of their skincare routine. This amazing tool performs lymphatic massage, increases blood circulation, and improves the absorption ability of skincare products. It is known to help achieve an even-toned and vibrant complexion and relaxed skin. 

    jade rollers

    How to Use It:

    • Apply a serum, moisturizer, or oils
    • Roll the tool upward from neck to chin and then chin to cheeks.
    • Roll the small stone from the center and move it across to the ears. 

    For a clear complexion and smooth texture, create a homemade moisturizer with essential oils:


    2. Ice Rollers

    Icing is a popular skincare technique used to tackle numerous skincare concerns. Ice dilates the blood vessels, improves blood flow, reduces the appearance of pores, helps acne, and delivers deep hydration. Ice rollers make the icing a smooth process, in fact, easier. You can use this tool at any time of the day and store it in the fridge. 

    How to Use It:

    • Keep the ice roller in the freezer 2-3 hours before use
    • Apply it the same way as the jade roller

    3. Gua Sha Stone

      Gua stones are ancient Chinese skincare tools that have found their way to mainstream beauty trends and how. They are a jade-roller alternative for facial massage. Different types of crystals are used to make this flat tool that tones, firms, brightens, and even tightens the skin. It is also known to encourage lymphatic drainage, boost blood circulation, and support collagen production for young and supple texture.

      gua sha stone

      How To Use:

      • Wash your face and neck with a gentle cleanser
      • Apply your skincare products as usual (the order being toner, serum, and moisturizer)
      • Sweep the stone across your skin, starting from your neck and keeping the stone flat on the skin while applying even pressure.
      • Repeat this procedure 3-10 times to experience incredible results.

      4. Face Cleansing Brush

        A face cleansing brush performs deep cleansing that your hands simply can't do. It is an electric tool that moves in a circular motion removing impurities, exfoliating dead cells, and revealing a fresh and soft layer of the skin. This gentle brush even reduces the incidences of acne breakouts by drawing out the buildup of debris, excess oils, and products. 

        Face Cleansing Brush

        How to Use It:

        • Damp your skin and apply your cleanser to create foam. 
        • Use the brush around your face for up to 60 seconds. 

        5. Cotton Swab

          Cotton swabs are one basic item that almost everyone has in their bathroom cabinet. If we had known its actual versatile uses, cotton swabs would already gain a permanent place in your vanity. From spot treatments to removing makeup and applying lash glue, cotton swabs can prove to be incredibly useful skincare tools. 

          How To Use It:

          • Remove Makeup: Dip a cotton swab into the facial cleanser to remove eye makeup.
          • Spot Treatment: Dip a cotton swab into the product precisely on the spot without touching fingers.
          • Fix Nail Polish: Dip a cotton swab into nail polish remove to remove the nail polish applied outside the line. 

          Lastly, Skincare tools can improve your skincare to a great degree routine if you know how to use them. They help in achieving smooth, precise, and clean application and incredible results.  

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