The Best Mood-Boosting Essential Oils

The Best Mood-Boosting Essential Oils

While stress and anxiety are not always in our control, we still can manage to stay positive and motivated. If any negative emotion such as anger, frustration, sadness, or irritation can trigger a bad mood, a moment of calm and mindfulness can lift your spirits. A quick trick to change your mood for the better during difficult situations is to improve the ambiance around you with exotic scents of essential oils. 

Essential oils are concentrated liquids extracted from different parts of the plants. These elixirs of nature inhabit the true essence and scents of the botanicals to which they belong. Essential oils’ excellent therapeutic qualities have the power to boost your energy, confidence, and focus when you are in dire need of an instant pick-me-up.

Below we have enlisted the best essential oils for mood enhancement:

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is the most versatile and beneficial essential oil among all its counterparts. This delightful oil has been used for centuries to encourage sleep, rest, and relaxation. Lavender oil is also known for its ability to support joyous moods, a composed mindset, and confidence. Besides creating a blissful ambiance, lavender oil mixes well with many essential oils to produce harmonious blends that cater to your aromatic needs and personal preferences.

lavender oil

Frankincense Oil

The sweet and earthy aroma of frankincense oil provides an enlightening and elevating aromatherapy experience. It encourages an optimistic outlook and balanced mood while inducing a sense of serenity in the atmosphere. When the chaotic schedules and exhaustion from workload get too much to handle, inhale frankincense’s calming scent to find your zen. 

Frankincense Oil

Peppermint Oil

This invigorating and rejuvenating oil allows you to overcome the mid-day blues during those challenging days. Peppermint oil has a vibrant, clean, and minty scent that increases energy levels and helps you readjust your focus. Besides, the high concentration of menthol and menthone compounds in peppermint oi eases breathing discomfort and congestion. It is the oil you should have in your personal care collection for inspiration and clarity. 

Peppermint Oil

Eucalyptus Oil 

Purifying, uplifting, and relaxingeucalyptus oil is everything fresh and bright. For the days when your mood is low for no apparent reason, reach for eucalyptus oil to evoke exuberance and vitality. Its detoxifying properties give you clean and hygienic air to breathe in and to focus on the good. In addition, eucalyptus has linalool and limonene, the potent compounds that soothe the seasonal cough, and flu symptoms and get rid of unpleasant odors.

Lemon Oil 

Just think of the moment you breathe in the revitalizing scent of freshly grated lemons on a warm sunny day and how it instantly perks up your mood. Now imagine being able to inhale this refreshing and joyful aroma anytime and anywhere you like—that is the kind of inviting experience lemon oil can give you. Lemon oil has incredibly energizing effects that invigorate your senses and inspire you to achieve all that you want in life. 

Orange Oil 

Orange oil has a light, sweet, and citrusy scent that cleanses the air as it boosts the spirit. Its strong aromatherapeutic properties inspire cheer, creativity, and confidence. With effective clarifying effects, orange oil enhances feelings of clear breathing and perks up your mood. Diffuse or inhale orange oil’s pleasant scent deeply for instant refreshment when your energy is low. 

Cinnamon Oil

The warm, spicy and comforting aroma of cinnamon oil reminds you of life’s most cherished moments. Its lovely scent creates a peaceful and calming ambiance that helps you regroup and relax before you go back to your long list of to-dos. Cinnamon oil also serves as an exceptional air deodorizer and cleanser that keep your space smelling wonderful and clean. For midday motivation and clear your mind, add cinnamon oil to your moisturizer and rub it into your hands for a fragrance you'll love all day. 

cinnamon oil

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