DIY Epsom Salt Body Scrub With Essential Oils

DIY Epsom Salt Body Scrub With Essential Oils

We are always ready to do whatever it takes to improve the facial skin’s glow, but the body, not so much. Maybe the most care we have given to the skin on our body is applying a moisturizer after a shower or occasionally using a pleasant-smelling oil for massage. Blame this negligence on busy work schedules and hectic routines. But if your body’s skin is getting dull and discolored and you can't bring yourself to pamper it daily, try exfoliation once a week. 

DIY Epsom Salt Body Scrub With Essential Oils Pin

Exfoliation can do wonders for your skin, body, and mind likewise. It provides you a sense of relaxation while revealing a soft, smooth, and soft layer of skin beneath the rough texture. The best part is that you can create a body scrub at home with two simple ingredients: Epsom salt and Essential oils. 

How Homemade Body Scrubs Are Better

The body scrubs you buy from the stores usually contain similar ingredients as homemade scrubs, sans the chemicals. Most commercial body scrubs have chemical-based exfoliants, moisturizers, and fragrances. On the flip side, homemade scrubs use natural salts for exfoliation, carrier oils for moisturization, and essential oils for scent and rejuvenation. The only difference between a store-bought body scrub and homemade scrub is you will save a ton of money and customize the formula according to your personal preferences. 

How to Make A Body Scrub



In a large container, mix all the ingredients. Transfer the blend into a glass jar for storing. Place a lid and keep it in a cool, dark place away from direct exposure to sunlight. It should last you up to 8 weeks.

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Skincare Benefits of Natural Ingredients Used In This Body Scrub

  • Epsom Salt: This salt naturally contains two natural substances, magnesium, and sulfate, both of which are known to aid in the detoxification and rejuvenation of the skin. It removes dead cells, soothes redness, and improves the overall feel and appearance. In addition, magnesium in Epsom salt helps ease muscle soreness and discomfort by eliminating toxins that cause stiffness and pain.
  • Coarse Sea Salt: It is a gentle exfoliant that cleanses the pores at a deeper level for a smoother texture and brighter complexion. Besides exfoliation, this salt helps increase cell turnover and, as a result, encourages skin softness and suppleness. 
  • Almond Oil: With its rich nutrient profile, almond enhances the skin tone and texture. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite while calming dryness and irritations. Besides, almond oil is an excellent massage oil that releases stiffness from joints and restores the body’s agility. 
  • Frankincense Oil: A potent antioxidant and cleanser, frankincense enhances the glow and keeps your skin visibly youthful and fresh. Also, its soothing abilities are known to help with irritations, itchiness, and roughness for a firm and smooth feel. 
  • Clove Oil: This oil rejuvenates and refreshes the skin by hydrating and replenishing the skin. It lightens the appearance of blemishes and discolorations for a radiant and visibly clear complexion. 
  • Cinnamon Oil: It supports overall skin wellness with its powerful antioxidant properties. It serves as a natural moisturizer that gives you hydrated and balanced skin while providing deep relaxation to the muscles. Also, it leaves a spicy and pleasant scent on the skin that keeps you relaxed all day long. 

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How To Use Body Scrub

  • Wash your skin with warm water
  • Take a generous amount of scrub
  • Gently massage in a circular motion while your skin is still damp
  • Continue for 30 seconds in each area of the body
  • Rinse with lukewarm water
  • Cleanse with a body wash or soap
  • Pat dry with a towel
  • Apply a moisturizer
  • Repeat once a week

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This body scrub's simple and safe ingredients will provide the rejuvenation and moisturization your skin craves. You can use other essential oils in this recipe according to your own aromatic and therapeutic preferences. Our online store has an extensive collection of organic and pure essential oils.  

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