Dreamtime Essential Oil DIY Blends

Dreamtime Essential Oil DIY Blends

A restful night’s sleep is an affordable luxury we all wish to have. Nothing is more pleasant than having slept peacefully throughout the night and waking up relaxed and refreshed. It is amazing how the day’s cares suddenly seem manageable to your well-rested self that felt impossible to the sleep-deprived mind. That kind of relaxation we long to achieve every night as we hit the bed. Unfortunately, the reality is different and many of us spend the nights tossing and turning. 

If you too have trouble falling asleep, then it might be the time to try essential oils to catch up on lost sleep. Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy practices to encourage sleep and rest for centuries. They have soothing scents and therapeutic properties that help you achieve a sense of calmness to prepare you for a sound sleep.

Just mix up the following essential oils to create DIY Dreamtime Recipes to get Zzzzzs:

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For Better Sleep

1. Lavender Sleep Blend

Relax your mind and drift into dreamland in no time with the pleasant scent of lavender oil combined with calming effects of rosemary oil. Both lavender and rosemary oils are well-known for their sooting abilities that relax agitation and anxious feelings. The recipe is:

lavender sleep blend

2. Chamomile Sleep Blend

    A good night’s sleep isn’t a farfetched dream when you merge sweet chamomile oil with citrusy vetiver to create an ambiance of calm and comfort. Take a respite from the day’s work and diffuse your stress away with this blend. The recipe is:

    • Two drops of chamomile oil
    • Two drops of vetiver oil

    Chamomile Sleep Blend

    3. Sandalwood Sleep Blend

      Imagine being in a tranquil atmosphere where all your worries subside for a while, and you can just ease into a deep slumber. To fashion ambiance with serenity, mix the grounding scent of sandalwood with the delightful lavender and earthy vetiver. The recipe is:

      • Three drops of lavender oil
      • Two drops of sandalwood
      • One drop of vetiver

      Sandalwood Sleep Blend

      4. Cedarwood Sleep Blend

        Sometimes the thing withholding you from traveling to dreamland is not the stress; it is congestion, headaches, and seasonal flu. To enhance respiratory comfort and tame the throbbing aches, inhale the invigorating scent of this perfect blend. The recipe is:

        5. Ylang Ylang Sleep Blend

          Thousand times yes, to a bedroom overflowing with the amusing scents of ylang-ylang, chamomile, and lavender. These oils combine to round a calming aroma that boosts your mood and lets your mind enjoy sweet dreams. The recipe is:

          • Three drops of ylang-ylang oil
          • Two drops of chamomile oil
          • One drop of lavender oil

          6. Frankincense Sleep Blend

            A comforting night's rest is the best way to beat the hectic day’s exhaustion and soreness of a tired body. This blend makes sublime sleep possible with the peaceful effects of frankincense, balancing cedarwood elements, and lemon’s rejuvenating properties. The recipe is:

            7. Orange Sleep Blend

              Unwind and clear your mind for the night with the invigorating aroma of orange, floral hints of petitgrain, and cozy notes of fannel. This blend evokes feelings of joy and hope and lets you achieve a serene headspace for sound sleep. The recipe is:

              • Three drops of petitgrain oil
              • Two drops of orange oil
              • One drop of flannel oil

              Orange Sleep Blend

              8. Bergamot Sleep Blend

                Travel and insomnia are good old friends. While on a journey away from home when sleep evades you, a welcoming aroma can make you feel closer to home. Featuring exotic bergamot, woodsy cedarwood, and minty peppermint, the recipe for this comforting scent is:

                9. Clary Sage Sleep Blend

                  The only thing worse than sleep deprivation is inconsistent sleep. If you can't seem to stay asleep, the cozy aroma of clary sage mixed with chamomile will help you achieve a zen-like mindset for a full night’s sleep. The recipe is:

                  • Two drops of clary sage oil
                  • Two drops of chamomile oil

                  How To Use DIY Blends For Sleep

                  Add the blends to the diffuser and turn it on for 15-20 minutes before sleep. Or you can inhale the scent or place it on the pillow to get similar effects.

                  Essential oils work best when they are pure and authentic. Buy organic essential oils from Nexon Botanics to capture the true essence of nature!

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