Top 3 Essential Oils for Pain Therapy

Top 3 Essential Oils for Pain Therapy

Pain in any body area can be an utter agony that derails us from going about our daily activities. We all have such days when after a hardcore workout, lifting heavy items, or strenuous physical tasks, our bodies feel intense pain. Over-the-counter medications often seem to be the quick fix, which to our disadvantage, do come with side effects. But if you are a nature lover who prefers less invasive and chemical free therapy that could help you with pain — you might like to try out essential oils. 

Several essential oils hold a reputation of being soothing for sore, aching, and tired bodies. The usage of essential oils for holistic healing is not new; they have been around for many centuries. Their pure essence, chemical constitution, and natural ability to promote mental and physical wellness make essential oils an absolute favorite for pain therapy. Read on to know which of these oils should you use for the kind of pain you’re experiencing. 

1- Ease Inflamed Joints with Eucalyptus Oil

Originated from Australia, eucalyptus oil is one of its kind with numerous relaxing benefits. Its main constituents, such as a-terpineol, cineol, pinene, and camphene, make it incredibly comforting for inflamed muscles and joints. The great thing is, eucalyptus oil’s scent will calm congestion or stuffiness while you are busy massaging the body. That’s a twofer, right? Its benefits do not just end there while we are on the subject. It has much more to offer to your body, mind, and skin. Thanks to limonene, p-cymene, and globulol compounds in eucalyptus oil, it cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. Its scent encourages easier breathing and lets you feel at peace—a must-have oil for any household for sure. 

2- Use Peppermint Oil to Relax Aching and Sore Muscles

When talking about peppermint leaves, the first thing that probably comes to our mind is their minty scent and refreshing effect. True to its origin, peppermint oil is a cooling and invigorating oil that charges up tired bodies. Its star components are menthol and menthone compounds. They have the same energizing effect on the muscles as they have on our minds through scent. Rest assured, peppermint is also not any short on beneficial reserves in its composition.  It also contains pinene, cineole, and limonene that promote healthy, fresh, and young-looking skin. Long story short, peppermint oil calms discomfort related to muscular soreness while beautifying your skin in the process. 

3- Frankincense Oil for Wellbeing of Your Body and Skin

Frankincense oil is probably the least discussed essential oil on personal care blogs, which is why you might not have read much about it. However, we can ascertain that its undervalued reputation does not represent its natural capabilities for pain therapy. Like its counterparts, frankincense oil carries the plant’s flavor from which it is derived (Boswellia carterii). Limonene, pinene, borneol, farnesol, and myrcene are frankincense oil’s main constituents. These components contribute to its soothing properties that help promote the vitality and agility of the body. Its topical application will give your skin a calming sensation while dissolving away tension and stiffness in muscles. More to our interest, beauty bloggers like The Zoe Report and Hello Glow put in a good word for frankincense oil for aging and mature skin. Frankincense oil’s secret charm is farnesol compounds in its constitution. Farnesol is known to have skin-smoothing properties that help reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines. It also has astringent qualities, which in simple words mean that it helps promote firm and supple skin. 

Right Way to Use Essential Oils in Massage for Pain Therapy

Essential oils are plant extracts that have a high chemical concentration. You must dilute these aromatic oils with carrier oils before any topical use. Applying them to your skin without dilution can cause irritation and redness. You can dilute 3-5 drops of essential oils with two ounces of carrier oil for a full body massage. You can blend essential oils with any carrier oil of your choice. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult their health care provider before using essential oils. 


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