Why Do I Avoid People?

Why Do I Avoid People?

As the famous dialogue from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty goes, 

“Walter always zones out. He struggles to socialize with people and to go out and do things he’s always wanted to do, and I relate to that so much. It was inspiring to see him go out and conquer all these things.” 

Increasingly, social anxiety in pop culture is being portrayed more positively. Movies like Inside Out, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and It’s Kind of a Funny Story centre their plots around living with social anxiety. 

The American population is no stranger to anxiety. According to research, 18.1% of the adult population suffers from experiencing anxious feelings. While many of us do experience these feelings on a regular basis, we rarely make the effort to understand them. 

Understanding the causes of anxiety is important if you want to improve your lifestyle and calm your anxiety. Here are 5 reasons that commonly cause anxiety. 



5 Causes of Anxiety

Stressful Situations 

It is not unusual to experience stressful situations. One could say that everyone undergoes stress in some setting or another. However, some scenarios are more anxiety-inducing than others. 

For example, giving a presentation before a large audience, taking a big test, interacting with authority figures, going to parties where you don’t know anyone, and engaging in unexpected conversations with strangers. You may experience anxious feelings in any of the situations mentioned above. 

It is easy to infer that most of the time, it is the external environment that causes anxiety. 

Feeling Pressure to Perform 

For the people who experience anxiety, they usually feel like they are under constant pressure. That pressure can be exerted intentionally or unintentionally on them. Regardless, they feel the pressure and become burdened by it. 

This pressure is often brought out in social situations, exam or work environments, or even conversations with new people. Feeling the need to get something right in order to avoid negative consequences greatly contributes to anxiety. 

Interacting with Extroverts 

Often, anxious feelings can be triggered by interacting with people who are not outwardly anxious. Characters like Walter Mitty portray this perfectly when it is shown that they struggle to socialize. Conversing with extroverts can be especially anxiety-inducing because there is pressure to be social, outgoing, and friendly. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep 

A good night’s sleep is extremely underrated. Often, restful sleep can do wonders not just for your day but for your overall lifestyle. When you’re well-rested, you’re already more calm and ready to take on the challenges of the day. 

Social Media 

As much as you might not want to accept this, social media is one of the leading causes of anxiety in today’s day and age. If you feel like your phone is making you anxious, you should probably curb your screen time. 

Increased screen time also gives you less time to spend on things that make you feel good. These include spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. Spending hours on social media can also make you feel detached and disconnected from the world around you. 

Now that we’ve told you the causes of anxiety, you must be curious about the way to help reduce anxiety. 

Best Ways to Reduce Anxiety 

Anxiety Essential Oil Blend 

Aromatherapy is a practice that involves the inhalation of essential oils to soothe feelings of anxiety and promote calmness and relaxation. It is commonly done using essential oils. Essential oils are natural oils derived from aromatic compounds of plants and flowers. 

Specific blends may be used to create the perfect formula to soothe anxiety and promote calmness. 

Nexon Botanics has the perfect anxiety blend for you to use for your aromatherapy practices. Our Anxiety Essential Oil Blend creates a serene and tranquil atmosphere. It consists of a proprietary combination of Lemon, Black Spruce, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, and Patchouli Oils.

It helps to  improve sleep quality and calms anxious feelings. It exudes a woody, citrusy and earthy scent that focuses the mind and uplifts the mood. 

How to Use the Anxiety Essential Oil Blend: 

  • Apply 3-5 drops of Anxiety Essential Oil Blend onto a tissue or a clean cloth.
  • Hold it near your face and breathe in the aroma. 
  • You may inhale or sniff the blend for mental relaxation. 

This anxiety blend contains calming environs that create a soothing ambience anywhere from your home to your car.  

Dealing with anxiety is difficult but being aware of the causes and trying out calming blends for aromatherapy can make it all a little easier.


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