ALL ABOUT ORANGE OIL: Benefits, Uses, and Aromatherapy

ALL ABOUT ORANGE OIL: Benefits, Uses, and Aromatherapy

Oranges are a fascinating fruit—The citrusy aroma, the vibrant color. Everything about oranges is refreshing and soothing but, Did you know that you could carry the freshness of oranges in a tiny bottle too? Yes! Don't be surprised. Orange essential oil is derived from the rind of sweet oranges called Citrus sinensis. You can keep the freshness of oranges in your cabinet all year long, no need to wait for the winters anymore.  

Orange oil has multiple fascinating uses and benefits. We have picked the best ones. If you're still wondering about "how to use orange oil?" or "how to make orange oil?" You will find answers to all these questions in this blog.

Orange oil is extracted from either the rind of oranges, flowers, or leaves. This is done by a method called cold pressing. Orange essential oil had a rich backdrop; it dates to 800 AD when Italian soldiers introduced this fruit. Christopher Columbus carried the Orange seeds to America. How interesting! This makes Orange one the oldest and the most commonly grown fruit globally.

Orange oil has been consumed for thousands of years. It has been part of kitchen recipes for a long time. It has age-old benefits and is used as a folk remedy and in traditional medicine. This versatile oil is one of a kind natural extract with many incredible benefits.

In this blog, we will dive into five unique benefits of orange oil that you cannot miss.

5 Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

keep your breakouts in check

1-Keep your Breakouts in Check

The orange essential oil has multiple health benefits, but did you know that this wonder oil also has amazing benefits for your skin. Orange's essential benefits for skin are numerous as it contains limonene that has potent antioxidant activity, helps you keep your skin looking clear and toned. Orange oil also acts against microbes on the skin. This can help to minimize uncalled-for breakouts. Orange oil is also known to enhance collagen production, maintaining that dewy glow on your skin.

Elevate your Bath Experience

2-Elevate your Bath Experience

Do you crave a refreshing bath after a tiring day? Well, did you know that orange oil can elevate your bathing experience in multiple ways because it's not only good for your skin but it is also highly soothing for your senses? You can make a relaxing bath with orange oil.

  • Add 10-12 drops of orange oil to the water
  • Soak for around 15 to 20 minutes
  • You can also add bath salts for a more luxurious effect on your skin

Orange oil has warm, pleasant stress that will help relieve nervous tension, and its antioxidant effect will give your skin the much-awaited spa-like treatment at home.

Soothing Massage Oil

3-Soothing Massage Oil

Orange oil is essential for your collection of essential oils. It contains many beneficial components for your skin, along with a warm, pleasant scent to help ease any muscle tension. You can add several drops of orange essential oil in a carrier oil like jojoba oil or coconut oil for a delightfully relaxing massage. 

  • Combine 3 drops of orange oil with 1oz of jojoba oil
  • Apply the oil in circular motions to enhance circulation and help soothe and calm sore muscles
  • Massage into the skin for at least 5 to 10 minutes

Orange Oil for your Hair

4-Orange Oil for your Hair

Orange oil for hair is like a magic potion you didn't know about. It has a nourishing effect on dry and damaged hair. Orange oil has a cooling effect that helps calm irritated scalp. There are multiple ingredients in orange oil that help to make your tresses long and strong. The vitamins in orange oil play an important role in providing deep nourishment to your hair follicles, making them thick and helping your hair look voluminous. This fantastic oil moisturizes the shaft and helps to improve the texture of your hair when used consistently. You can apply orange oil mixed with carrier oil twice a week from roots to tips for visible results.

orange oil for aromatherapy

5-Orange Oil for Aromatherapy 

Orange oil is the perfect essential oil for aromatherapy. It has a pure, warm, and energetic scent that invigorates your senses and encourages rest and relaxation. Orange oil can deodorize the atmosphere while keeping it subtle.  You can gain the spiritual benefits of Sweet orange oil by simply inhaling the scent of the oil from the bottle to relax your mind and soul.   You can diffuse orange oil throughout the can room by adding 5-6 drops in a  diffuser on low heat.  This will give you the energetic boost you have been looking for.  

How to Make Homemade Orange oil? 

You can make homemade orange oil for soothing with a simple recipe

  • Peel an orange and let the peel dry for 2-3 days.
  • Place the orange peels in a glass jar
  • Pour vodka or alcohol into the jar
  • Now, let the jar sit for several days. Do give the jar a shake every morning 
  • Now, remove the peels and let the alcohol and oil mixture sit till the alcohol evaporates.
There you have homemade orange oil. If you find this whole process, you can visit our store to buy our preprocessed orange oil, 100% pure therapeutic grade oil. Orange essential oil benefits are profound and many. It's a serious must-have in your collection. So, don't forget to add this wonder oil to your cabinet. Happy shopping!

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