5 Essential Oil Recipes You Can Use To Help Soothe Your Irritated Skin

5 Essential Oil Recipes You Can Use To Help Soothe Your Irritated Skin

You would be surprised to know how many factors can aggravate skin irritations, and by many, we mean there is a long list. Skin irritations usually begin with itching that leads to inflammation, then a tiny red bump appears out of nowhere, and let’s not get started with the vicious circle of breakouts.

It is vital to figure out the root cause of your skin irritation, but while you are at it, reach for a product that can calm down the skin's anger. 

The natural contenders that are known to calm skin irritations are soothing essential oils. Without further ado, we are sharing 5 essential oil recipes that can help relax your skin irritations:

How to Mix Essential Oils for Skin?

Saying essential oils are versatile is an understatement.  Essential oils are probably the only ingredients that improve mood, ease headaches, congestion and smell good all along. On top of that, essential oils calm skin irritations and help tackle numerous beauty concerns if appropriately diluted. 

Here is a complete guide on how to use essential oils on the skin with essential oils recipes:

essential oil recipe for dry skin

  1. Essential Oil Recipe for Dry Skin

You can notice your skin gets increasingly dry during the winters, dry climates, and when summer’s hot air flows in all its glory. The skin’s aging process itself reduces moisture retention and causes lesser oil production. Keeping your skin moisturized is probably the only way to deal with dryness. An essential oil recipe that would help with moisturizing dry skin is here:

You’ll need:

  • 10 drops of frankincense oil
  • 10 drops of Roman chamomile oil
  • 10 drops of lavender oil
  • 2 tablespoons of argan oil
  • 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil
  • 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of vitamin E oil

Gather all the ingredients in a small dark-colored glass bottle. Shake well before use. You may make this moisturizer a part of your daily nighttime regimen. Leave it on overnight for desired results. 

Essential Oil Recipe for Itchy Skin

  1. Essential Oil Recipe for Itchy Skin

Itchiness is an irritating feeling on the skin that sometimes stays in a specific area and sometimes spreads like wildfire all over the body, and you couldn’t help but scratch. It can become the building block of inflammation, redness, and bruises. So the next time this itching sensation occurs, calm it with the following essential oil recipe:

Into a small container, add:

Mix the ingredients well and apply the mixture to the desired area. Wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Let it dry completely. 

  1. Essential Oil Recipe for Acne

Only a tiny 20%  fraction of the human population can claim never to have had acne. The rest, 80% of us, experienced it at some point in life. Excess oil on the skin paired with bacteria and sealed with dirt buildup result in an acne breakout. If you are also a fellow acne-struggler, this essential oil recipe mentioned below will help provide comfort to your skin:

Get the following oils:

Store this blend in a dark-colored glass bottle. Take a small amount of the mixture onto the affected area using your fingertips. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse with a gentle cleanser and pat dry. Repeat twice weekly.

Essential Oil Recipe for acne and sensitive skin
  1. Essential Oil Recipe for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a broad term that basically describes a skin type that can be easily offended. The reason for skin sensitivity is a weak acid mantle and barrier function that makes it prone to inflammation, allergies, and irritations. The oils in the following essential oil recipe are known to be safe for sensitive skin:

Into an amber-colored glass mist spray bottle, add:

Close the bottle with a sprayer top and screw it air-tight. Shake well before application. Spray it on the desired areas and let it dry off completely.

  1. Essential Oil Recipe for Glowing Skin

Whether your concern is age spots or acne scars, essential oils can give your skin a refreshed look when used as serums. Essential oils have antioxidant properties that promote visibly even and clear skin that feels soft and smooth. They also help in cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin for a radiant and glowing complexion. Here is an amazing recipe that you must try:

Add the following ingredients into an amber glass 2 oz. dropper bottle:

Blend the ingredients well before use. 3-5 drops of the serum would be enough at a time. Let it absorb completely. Preferably, use this serum as a final step of your nighttime skincare routine to make your skin look bright and fresh in the morning!

We should be thankful that the heavens were kind enough to fashion plants. Otherwise, we won’t have green fields to delight the eyes and naturally no essential oils to experience the plants' goodness bundled up in bottles. 

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