Everything About Cedarwood Oil: Benefits, Uses, Precautions

Everything About Cedarwood Oil: Benefits, Uses, Precautions

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say the world is a better place with Essential Oils. 


With numerous aromatherapy, beauty care, wellness, and household benefits, essential oils make your daily life a bit easier to get by. Also, there is a wide variety of essential oils to meet your specific purpose. In this long list of essential oils, cedarwood oil stands out with its outstanding features, limitless uses, and abundant advantages. Everyone must have cedarwood oil in their house; because it is an investment for your well-being. 

We will tell you some of the most important uses, benefits, and features of cedarwood oil in this writeup: Read on:

The Origin and Extraction Process of Cedarwood Oil

Origin of Cedarwood Oil

Cedar trees are native to the mountains of the Himalayan and Mediterranean regions. Various cultures across the world have used cedar oil for medicinal, cosmetics, and religious practices. The ancient Egyptians used cedarwood oil for mummification, native Americans for spiritual protection and Tibetan communities to promote positivity and purification. Even Bible mentions cedar trees as a symbol of wisdom, abundance, and strength. 

Extraction of Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood essential oil is derived from the needles, bark, leaves, and berries of cedar trees. Techniques like steam distillation, cold pressing, and carbon dioxide distillation are popular for cedarwood oil extraction. Steam distillation is a standard and accurate method to extract essential oils that preserve an oil’s actual concentration and essence. 

Uses of Cedarwood Oil


Here are the most well-known uses of cedarwood essential oil:

  • Inhale: Simply breathe in the aroma of cedarwood oil from the bottle or either sprinkle a few droplets on a tissue paper or clean cloth to experience its scent to gain aromatherapeutic benefits. 
  • Topical Use: Apply it onto your skin after dilution with a carrier oil to soothe acne, smooth the appearance of wrinkles, cleanse the skin, and enhance softness. For acne, dilute cedarwood oil with coconut oil. Damp a cotton ball with the mixture and apply it to the affected area. Rinse with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. 
  • Relaxing Massage: Mix cedarwood oil with a carrier oil, moisturizer, or a lotion for massage. 
  • Diffusion: Whether you want to deodorize the air, create a calm ambiance, or unwind the mind, diffusing cedarwood oil for 15-20 minutes will help.
  • Bath: Adding cedarwood oil into your bathwater provides you with a calming and grounding scent that soothes your senses while you bathe. It will also give moisturization and refreshment to your skin. 
  • Natural Cologne: Cedarwood oil's woody, earthy, and the warm scent makes for a lush cologne. Take 2-3 drops and apply them behind the ears, wrists, or underarms.

Benefits of Cedarwood Oil

benefits of cedarwood oil

  • Scalp Revival: Cedarwood oil has antioxidants and soothing compounds that exfoliate dead cells, remove impurities and ease itchiness. It leaves your scalp feeling refreshed and renewed while enhancing the sheen and strength of strands. 
  • Visibly Clear Complexion: This oil’s natural cleansing and purifying abilities reduce the look of discoloration, blemishes, and scars. Before applying your moisturizer, add two drops of cedarwood oil to improve the glow and overall resilience. 
  • Promotes Peaceful Sleep: Cedarwood oil scent has grounding and relaxing effects on the mind that allows you to achieve a restful state of mind and sound sleep. Massage diluted oil on the bottom of the feet, reflex points, or diffuse it before you go to bed. 
  • Air Freshener: Due to its deodorizing and detoxifying qualities, cedarwood oil serves as a natural air freshener. Mix cedarwood oil with lavender oil, rosemary oil, and water and add it to an empty spray bottle. Use it in your home, office, rooms, car, or other spaces for a fresh ambiance. 
  • Breathing Ease: When congestion, headaches, and cold, cough symptoms cause breathing discomfort, diffuse cedarwood oil to soothe blocked airways. Blend it with frankincense, lavender, or lemon oil for better results. 
  • Comfort Sore Muscles: Massage with cedarwood oil after dilution gives a warming and calming sensation to aching and sore muscles, restoring their agility and energy. It releases stiffness and discomfort related to strenuous activities. 

Precautions While Using Cedarwood Oil

Every essential oil you use on the skin must be diluted first. You may dilute with a carrier oil, lotion, moisturizer, or any type of cream. Do a patch test to check allergies or possible skin sensitivity. If you feel irritations, burning sensation, or redness, discontinue the use. 

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