Our Favorite Oils Got Superpowers: 6 Top Picks

Our Favorite Oils Got Superpowers: 6 Top Picks

When your life needs a little something extra, add some essential oils to the mix! Whether it’s an exciting date night, a relaxing massage, a busy day at the office, or a boring day at home, there’s a way to make it better than it is. 


The ambiance is everything. The environment you’re in affects your performance, productivity, and, most importantly, your mind. That’s why essential oils have superpowers because they create an environment for you to become a homegrown superhero. 

Nexon Botanics has selected 6 top picks for oils that have got superpowers! 

6 Super Essential Oils 

1. Clove Bud Essential Oil 

    Traditionally, Clove Bud Essential Oil has been used to set the scene for aromatherapy. This particular essential oil has soothing properties that elevate aromatherapy practices to a whole new level. 

    The warm and spicy fragrance of clove bud soothes the senses, helping to clear congested passageways for easy breathing. This makes it a very popular pick for essential oil blends when colds are inevitable. There’s nothing like warm-scented oil to help you feel cozy in the cold winter. 

    2. Lemon Essential Oil 

      When life gives you lemons… get yourself some Lemon Essential Oil

      This particular oil is known to have detoxifying and purifying properties. If you’re encountering a foul smell that’s ruining your day, you know you can pull this out of your arsenal. Want to feel like a superhero? Save the day by introducing a pleasant, citrusy fragrance to your space. 

      lemon oil

      3. Lavender Essential  Oil 

        You can never go wrong with Lavender Essential Oil. You know an oil’s got superpowers when you can use it for hair, skin, aromatherapy, massages, and more! 

        It is a multipurpose oil that protects the skin from environmental pollutants, leaving it looking smooth and flawless. Moreover, it holds profound benefits for the hair, replenishing its shine and radiance. If that wasn’t enough, it also has a wonderful fragrance, excellent for aromatherapy! 

        Be like lavender oil and do the most! Our skin and hair could use a little saving, so let lavender essential oil be your hero. 

        4. Peppermint Essential Oil 

          When you think of peppermint, you probably remember that blue swirl in your toothpaste. Let’s change that association and have you think about peaceful meditation instead. 

          Peppermint Essential Oil, with its cool and minty scent, is known to promote mental clarity. It helps improve focus and keeps you motivated throughout the day. Peppermint naturally uplifts the spirit, giving you the determination to complete any task. 

          In aromatherapy practices, peppermint oil is used to help calm anxious feelings. Its soothing fragrance soothes the soul. The hero of your dreams, peppermint essential oil, is excellent for an evening of relaxation to wind down after a long day. 

          Eucalyptus Oil

          5. Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

            If you love your home, you will do anything in your power to protect it. A large part of this protection is keeping it clean. Eucalyptus Essential Oil comes to the rescue to help you do just that. 

            This essential oil has strong detoxifying properties, which help to remove grease and dirt from almost any surface. This makes eucalyptus oil an excellent surface cleaner. Its refreshing scent stays on surfaces for a long time, making them look and smell pleasant. Keep your home super clean and fresh! 

            6. Tea Tree Essential Oil 

              The hero of the heroes — Tea Tree Oil

              Your skin is going to love you for choosing this oil. Tea tree oil has purifying properties that are excellent to soothe acne-prone skin. It also helps the skin retain moisture which is especially useful on dry skin days. 

              These were Nexon Botanics’ top 6 picks for oils with superpowers. Visit the Nexon Botanics store to meet our entire range of superheroes!

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