Our Top 5 Selling Essential Oils and How to Use Them

Our Top 5 Selling Essential Oils and How to Use Them

Nexon Botanics is dedicated to helping you accomplish the lifestyle of health and wellness you want. Essential oils are a crucial part of that goal because of their myriad benefits for healthy living. 

Here are the top 5 best selling essential oils you need to embark on your journey for a holistic lifestyle.


These best sellers are about to transform your entire perception of wellness. 

Top 5 Selling Essential Oils 

1. Robber’s Health Essential Oil Blend 

Nexon Botanics’ Robber’s Health Essential Oil Blend is a combination of several beneficial oils namely Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Rosemary.

This blend helps to deodorize the air, detoxifying your environment for comfort and relaxation. It can be used in a diffuser where a couple of drops of the blend will go a long way. This oil can be diffused for upto 20 minutes. 

Moreover, this blend can also be directly applied on objects that have a tendency to develop a foul smell. You can apply a few drops to socks, yoga mats or even your shoes. 

2. Organic Eucalyptus Oil 

    Organic Eucalyptus Oil is a popular essential oil in the aromatherapy field. It has a cooling and refreshing scent that uplifts the mood. 

    This essential oil is often used in diffuser blends for aromatherapy. It can also be used on its own by adding a couple of drops into a diffuser. Diffusing this oil fo upto 20 minutes creates a calming ambience, exuding positive energy. 

    It can also be used as a massage oil, when combined with any carrier oil of your choice. This will elevate your massage experience, helping you rejuvenate and relax. 

    3. Zen Sleep Essential Oil Blend 

      Many people struggle with getting enough sleep at night. It can be especially troublesome if the morning afterwards is important. Whether you’ve got a big meeting or a difficult test, sleep is essential for all. 


      Nexon Botanics Zen Sleep Essential Oil Blend contains a blend of Lavender, Orange, and Rosemary oils which are known to promote restful sleep. The way to use this blend is to add 2 drops on your pillow, bed sheets or duvet before sleeping at night. 

      Not only is this a great way to unwind before bed but it will promote restful sleep to help you conquer the next morning. 

      4. Organic Peppermint Oil 

        Organic Peppermint Oil has a cooling and energizing scent which makes it a popular pick for aromatherapy. 

        This oil helps to reduce stress and anxious feelings when diffused. Adding a few drops of this essential oil to a diffuser for upto 10 minutes can uplift your spirit and improve your mood. 

        Moreover, peppermint oil is known to promote focus and mental clarity. It is the perfect oil to keep for a diffuser blend in your home or office where you work. 

        5. Organic Rosemary Oil 

          Organic Rosemary Oil is taking the cosmeceutical industry by storm because of its profound benefits for skin. 


          It intensely hydrates the skin, helping it to retain moisture. This helps to replenish the skin’s radiance. Moreover, it has emollient properties that soften the skin, making it appear smooth. 

          Rosemary essential oil must be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil before it is applied to the skin. One teaspoon of coconut oil combined with 2-3 drops of organic rosemary oil is a blend that will leave your skin looking naturally glowing. This mixture can be applied overnight and then washed in the morning. 

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