Spring Deep Cleaning Can Be Your Mood Booster

Spring Deep Cleaning Can Be Your Mood Booster

There is a good reason people call spring a season of rebirth. Just think about it, after the grey and cold winter months, when you can finally open the windows for airit is refreshing. When you switch off the indoor heating systems, pack your oversize coats, and feel free to embrace the sunshineit is invigorating. And, it is re-energizing when you finally regain the energy to declutter the messes and organize the space after dreary days. 

Everything about spring incites a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. 

Do you know what unannounced spring ritual can be even more satisfying and beneficial for your moodSpring Cleaning. Yes, spring cleaning is a “thing” because you organize and rearrange your home after the months of winter hibernation and prepare yourself for the beginning of a new season, a fresh start to welcome the warmer and longer days. 

Here are 4 ways to clean your home in the spring season and boost your mood on the way:

1. Organize Your Home to Enhance Concentration

A clean and organized home represents a clear and disciplined mind. Clutter in your home or workspace is a sign you are under stress and tension. Arranging things, removing the mess, and placing household items give you a sense of accomplishment and help you gain control over your thoughts. 

Organize Your Home to Enhance Concentration

While getting rid of potential distractions in front of your eyes, you allow your mind to focus on what is important and stay motivated to complete the task at hand. Especially if you work from home, you would want things put together and in place to concentrate on work. As per studies, cleaning has an immensely positive impact on the mind and mood. It is an activity that actually improves your brain function, cognitive skills, decisive ability, and productivity. 

2. Wash Dishes To Improve Your Mood

Washing dishes might seem like the most mundane and messy chore you leave at the last of your to-do list. But this very boring duty balances negative emotions and helps you cope with anxious feelings. The time spent during dishwashing is an opportunity to contemplate issues that have been disturbing you and achieve a greater state of mindfulness. Believe it or not, dishwashing is a contemplative therapy that leads to better mood and self-confidence. 

Wash Dishes To Improve Your Mood

However, if you cant get yourself to wash the utensils, try creating a cheerful atmosphere in your kitchen.  Play your favorite music, podcast, or diffuse the scents of refreshing essential oils like lemon oil, orange oil, or peppermint oil to make it fun. By the time you finish this rote task, you will find yourself in a good mood and happy spirit. 

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3. Maintain Hygiene and Stay Active

It goes without saying that physical activity is an ultimate mood booster. Any physical activity, small or intense, exercise or home cleaning, puts your body in motion and releases endorphins. Endorphins, the happy hormones produced by your brain, help manage stress, enhance energy levels, fight negative feelings, and stabilize moods. Now pair physical activity with maintaining cleanliness, you will get a composed and calm headspace and germ-free house, which is good for your health and wellness. 

Make a habit of doing grand cleaning of your home every once in a while. Wash the linen, arrange your wardrobe, scrub the kitchen and bathroom tiles, and wipe the windows to boost the mood while keeping things hygienic and tidy. Also, as a bonus, your body will get tired, which will eventually lead to a goodnight’s sleep. 

4. Bring Clarity To Your Mind In Chaotic Routine

The concept of cleaning is to bring a sense of clarity and composure to your mood amid the daily chaotic and busy routines. Admittingly, it is not often that we find time for selfcare, let alone take care of home chores. But we always feel anxious and burdened about the fact that our living space is cluttered and there are chores to be done if we want to go about our life in the discipline. So when we dont find time to get things done, we procrastinate and feel more agitated.

Bring Clarity To Your Mind In Chaotic Routine A simple solution to prevent chaos from becoming a disaster, spend 15 minutes a day tidying up your home. That way, you won't overburden yourself with cleaning the mess at home, and you will find some time for yourself after the day’s work and practice mindfulness. 

Anything that begins with a positive mindset and a happy mood always manifests worthwhile changes in your life. This year, in the spring season, pledge to organize your home, workspace, and mind to live life holistically!

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