Tea tree Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Tea tree Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Tea Tree Oil Product Description

The tea tree got its name in the eighteenth century from sailors who made nutmeg flavor tea from its leaves. These trees grew on the swampy coast of Australia. This tree is Melaleuca Alternifolia. Tea tree essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree. It is native to Queensland, Wales, and Australia.

The locals have used tea tree oil for centuries. They crush the leaves to extract tea tree essential oil. Tea tree oil has been used since ancient times for treating cough, cold, and other common ailments, and also applied on the wounds.

Tea tree essential oil is available in the market either as neat oil (undiluted oil)  or in multiple diluted forms. It is one of the best-selling therapeutic essential oils.

Where Can You Buy Pure Tea Tree Oil?

The market is flooding with product ranges that only claim to contain 100% pure organic oil. Nexon Botanics provides customers with high-quality organic essential oils. This is because our family at Nexon Botanics knows the wonders a bottle of essential oil can do. We claim to provide the best products and prove that our relationship with our customers and passion for our work is proven.

Nexon Botanics tea tree essential oil is natural, steamed, distilled, and pure. Nexon Botanics tea tree oil is USDA approved and goes through a rigorous testing system. It is also quality tested, and the GC/MS test results can be given to the customers if required. Buy your bottle of Nexon Botanics tea tree essential oil to have a wonderful experience as a customer. This purchase will garner you the undisputed benefits of the products and get you in touch with a brand that cares for its customers and their pockets.

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Benefits And Uses of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a miracle in a bottle. It has many exceptional properties that are beneficial for your skin and hair. Besides being a wonder product for skin and hair, tea tree oil can also become the best addition to your house shelf.

1-A Miracle for Acne

Tea tree oil benefits for skincare are multiple. It is known to help calm acne-causing bacteria. You can use Tea tree oil more regularly as it is less irritating to your facial skin.

You can make acne treatment by mixing one part Nexon Botanics tea tree oil with nine parts water. Applying this mixture to affected areas with a cotton swab can help minimize the appearance of acne. It can also promote healthy glowing skin by reducing redness and inflammation.

2- A Remedy for Dry Skin 

Tea tree oil helps soothe dry, flaky, irritated skin; therefore, it can be a wonder for dry skin, though any studies do not prove it yet. Tea tree oil also helps minimize irritation and redness, helping with dry skin. Tea tree oil can reduce itching as well. 

Mix a few drops of  Nexon Botanics tea tree oil in any carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. Apply this mixture to affected areas at least once or twice a week to see promising results.

3- Goodbye Oily skin

You might have noticed excess oil in your T zone after every few hours. If that’s the trouble, then you, my friend, have a case of oily skin. Oily skin also benefits from the consistent use of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil helps regulate sebum production. Sebum is the waxy substance that the skin produces for hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Excess sebum makes the skin oily and can lead to breakouts and clogged pores.

Mix 10 drops of  Nexon Botanics tea tree oil with 1 tbsp. of aloe vera gel and ¾ cup of water to make your own toning solution for oily skin. Apply this solution after cleansing your face to alleviate oily skin.

4- No Dry Itchy Scalp

A dry, itchy scalp is common but not so dangerous. However, it is unsightly and irritating. Tea tree oil can provide a soothing effect that helps with dryness and flaking. It also offers essential hydration to the hair. Tea tree oil benefits of hair care are numerous, the use of tea tree oil can also soften the hair and make them radiant.

Add Nexon Botanics tea tree oil to a dollop of shampoo or conditioner when washing hair to leave your hair fresh and radiant. You can also apply it directly to roots and leave it for a few hours and rinse thoroughly. This practice can help to calm dryness.

5- Good for Skin Irritation

Some of you must have extremely sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin suffer from all kinds of skin reactions. Some people are allergic to some chemicals; some suffer from fabric allergies. Some people have nickel or other metal allergies. 

There is insufficient evidence, however, undiluted tea tree oil when applied to the areas it helps reduce redness and itching on skin. It can help soothe the site and provide relief. Apply a few drops of Nexon Botanics tea tree oil mixed with aloe vera gel to the affected area.

6- As a Hand Sanitizer

We have had the covid virus on the leash for a while. However, it can become a problem again at any time. Hand sanitizers have either run out from the market or are too expensive. What if we tell you how to make a cheap sanitizer at home?  

You can make an easy homemade sanitizer by using tea tree oil. Here is a simple recipe, add one ounce of aloe vera gel to 3 ounces of rubbing alcohol or 90% alcohol. Add 30 drops of Nexon Botanics tea tree oil. You can also add a few vitamin E capsules to make it gentle on the skin. Put this mixture in a bottle, and you have your go-to hand sanitizer for all occasions.

7- Natural Deodorant 

Tea tree oil can help control odor due to sweat. However, your sweat doesn't smell, but when it combines with the bacteria; hence, it creates a foul odor. Your underarms region has a large number of sweat glands responsible for body odor. The underarms region is more suitable to nourish bacteria being a closed space, having more temperature and humidity than normal skin. 

Tea tree oil can become an inexpensive alternative to commercial deodorants and antiperspirants. To make your inexpensive deodorant at home, add 3 tbsp of coconut oil to 3 tbsp shea butter. Also, add 20 drops of  Nexon Botanics tea tree oil. Make a dry mixture of ¼ cup corn starch and ¼ cup baking soda. Add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients to make a paste. Apply this to underarms to reduce body odor.

8- A Remedy for Minor Injuries 

Injuries can result in broken skin that can allow germs and bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Tea tree oil can help to disinfect minor cuts and abrasions. You can make your wound cleaner at home by adding a few drops of  Nexon Botanics tea tree oil to coconut oil. However, for any large cuts, don't apply anything without consulting your doctor.

Fun Fact about Tea tree oil 

Did you know that tea tree oil was one of the most common wound cleaner used in world war 2? Soldiers used it to treat wounds and fungal infections.

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