The Ultimate Essential Oil Guide

The Ultimate Essential Oil Guide

Whoever chooses a holistic approach to living life knows about essential oils. Their aromas and natural composition promote health and wellness—mind, body, and spirit. Rely on essential oils whether you want to smell good, deodorize surroundings, relax the mind or beautify your skin. But how? Can a small bottle of plant extract meet all your wellness requirements? You are right to have all these questions because how many times in life we get package deals. 
This complete essential oils guide will take you on a tour of the botanical world. We will try to answer all your essential oils questions.
Here is a guide to essential oils proper usage, storage, and dilution :
  1. What Are Essential Oils?

It is a million-dollar question with a simple answer—a bundle of goodness. Essential oils are liquid plant extracts that come from the most aromatic part of a plant. For instance, we obtain rose oil from rose petals and lemon oil from lemon rinds. Their chemical makeup is highly potent because it takes tons of dried plants to produce a small bottle of essential oil. Despite being all-natural, essential oils are not gentle on the skin, and you cannot use them topically without dilution. 


  1. What Can Essential Oils Be Used For?
Essential oils are versatile and generous with benefits for your whole being. Their uses range from personal care, household cleaning, air deodorizing, sleep support, and congestion. You can also use them to ease headaches, enhance mood, comfort sore muscles, and the list goes on. Simply putting, incorporate essential oils into any part of your daily routine, and they will upgrade your experience. Even if it is for the sake of a relaxing bath or encouraging focus, essential oils can help. 
  1. How Can I Use Essential Oils?
You can use essential in numerous ways. Most popularly, people inhale their scent to promote a happy mood, soothe anxiety, or calm congested airways and headaches. Diffuse them to create an ambiance of calmness and settled feelings or simply deodorize foul odors. Here are some creative ways to add essential oils to your health, cleaning, and beauty items.
  • Body Massage after dilution with carrier oils. 
  • Inhale the scent directly from the bottle or pour few drops on a tissue.
  • Diffuse in your surroundings with one essential oil or create a blend, depending on your personal needs and choice.
  • Add a few drops to bathwater to rejuvenate your senses and mind.
  • Mix 2-3 drops into moisturizers, lotions, serums, carrier, shampoos, oils, etc., for skin and hair care.
  • Perfume your laundry by simply adding 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil to the washer or detergent.
  • Blend with cleaning products or add into DIY house cleaning recipes to remove stubborn grime off surfaces around your home.


  1. How Do I Dilute Essential Oils?
There is no question of applying undiluted essential oils on the skin or scalp because their potent composition can cause sensitivity or irritation. Another reason to dilute essential oils is their volatile nature which dissipates quickly upon topical application. Essential oils’ dilution with a carrier oil or base products increases later’s viscosity, lubrication, and absorption. Here is the ideal dilution ratio of essential oils for various purposes:
  • 1% dilution (3 drops with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil) for long-term use and facial applications.
  • 2% dilution (6 drops with 2 tablespoons of carrier oil) for body massage.
  • 3% dilution (9 drops with 3 tablespoons of carrier oil) for a specific concern.
  1. How Do I Store Essential Oils?
Essential oils lose their scent and efficacy if exposed to sunlight, heat, air, or extreme temperature fluctuations. Keep essential oils in a dry, cool, and dark place where all the factors, as mentioned earlier, couldn’t reach them. Most people keep essential oils in a fridge to prevent oxidation. Make sure your essential oil bottle has an airtight seal. 
  1. Do Essential Oils Expire?

Yes, they do. The manufacturers usually mention the expiry date on the bottles of the essential oil. Most essential oils can last up to 3-4 years before turning rancid. Their shelf life depends on your procedure of storing them.

  1. Can I Use Essential Oils After Expiration?

When an essential oil is well past its expiry date, it will lose its therapeutic value and natural scent. Essential oils don’t go bad as various other naturally extracted things, but you would notice a change in their color and fragrance. So, it is best to avoid using expired essential oils for inhalation and topical use. However, you can still use them for household cleaning. 


  1. Can I Use Essential Oils on My Pets?
It is important to be cautious while using essential oils around your pets. Essential oils are potentially toxic at specific concentrations. Cats can be especially sensitive to essential oils. Essential oils are safe for you, but that does not mean they are safe for your pet. Your pet can accidentally inhale, lick, or ingest the oil, resulting in an adverse reaction.
  1. Can Essential Oils be Taken Internally?
Essential oils are highly concentrated liquid compounds with potent chemicals. You should never ingest them as they can cause significant poisoning.
  1. How Do I Test the Quality Of Essential Oils?

An easy way to tell the quality of essential oil is by its aroma. The more strong an essential oil’s aroma, the better its quality would be. The best quality essential oil is undiluted, non-toxic, no-additive, and 100% natural and pure. They come in amber bottles to prevent light, heat, and moisture exposure. The label will also clearly state the plant’s Latin name from which oil came and the country of its source on the product pages.

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