Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness

How long ago did you take a deep breath of mindfulness and absorb your surroundings? Your answer explains how tedious and cluttered our minds have become. We don't have any time to focus on the present moment. We rush by, ignoring the beauty of nature without feeling the aura and magnificence around us. 

So how can you become Mindful and be more aware of your surroundings and your actions without becoming overwhelmed? This article will explain various ways you can practice the actual meaning of mindfulness more truly.

Mindfulness is a quality that allows us to appreciate every moment. Most of us have taken time out to live in the present. We are either reminiscing about the past or worrying about the future. We miss out on our own lives, making us feel empty inside, leading our cluttered minds to a more shallow existence. Mindfulness is accessible to everyone in every moment; we need to reach out and grab the opportunity to be mindful. 

The question arises, how can we practice mindfulness in our daily life? There are a few prominent mindful activities and ways you can practice daily without any difficulty.

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

1- Pick Your Spot

Your home is your solace; you can dedicate a cozy corner of your house to yourself. Arrange this spot in a way that can make you feel relaxed and calm. Add some scented candles to add to the aura. 

You can also add Nexon Botanics essential blend for anxiety to the diffuser to reap aromatherapy benefits most conveniently. There’s no way to quiet your mind, and it's okay if it wanders. All you need to do is pay attention to the present moment, relax in your favorite spot and enjoy. You can also do mindful exercises for anxiety, like yoga and stretches, for an even more enriching experience.

2- Meditate and Breath

Eckhart  Tolle once said, "a single breath in and out is a meditation." 

You need to observe and feel every breath that goes in and out and relax your nerves. Feel all your worries leave you with each breath. 

This exercise momentarily frees you of the churning thoughts and apprehensions. You can do this breathing exercise along with practicing aromatherapy. Add Nexon Botanics Breath Ease blend to your diffuser; it provides certain health benefits and is beneficial for your respiratory health.

Even 10 minutes of meditation a day can positively impact your life to enhance your spiritual standing even more. Mindful meditation can help you feel more connected with yourself, your environment and help open the hidden gates within your being. Hence, you become more aware of your conscious and subconscious. 

Practicing Mindfulness-Meditate-and-Breath

3- Boost your Senses

Your senses are like gateways to your soul. In the hustle of our present life, we forget to enjoy everything we experience. Practicing mindfulness anywhere and anytime is the real ordeal. You can practice mindfulness at work, at home, or even while you drive home. Mindfulness is a way of life rather than a feeling.

Take a moment to feel all of your senses, the fragrance of fresh flowers, the aroma of your coffee, the petrichor after rain, the ocean air, and the wafting smell of food from the local restaurant. Feel and enjoy each moment, each sensation to its fullest. 

Engage your mind in thoughts that relax your nerves, and make you grateful for everything available to you. In no time, you will feel the bliss of each second that arrives.


4- Wake up with a Purpose

When you wake up from a good night's sleep, you have been cleared of any wandering or residual thoughts. It's the best time to start anew and decide your intention for the day ahead. Intention suggests the primary motivation behind every action. A more scientific perspective states that when we don't intend to do something, there’s a disconnect between the centers of our brain. Deciding on our tasks beforehand, can you align your consciousness helping you stay more in control of your actions.

This simple practice in the morning can redefine your actions and responses so that you become more mindful. The best way to incorporate this practice into your routine is by exercising this routine every morning as soon as you wake up, before checking your phone, emails, or other means of distraction. 

On waking up, sit in your bed in a relaxed posture. Close your eyes and inhale deeply to relax your nerves and connect with your sensations. Ask yourself: “What is my expectation from today?” Once you have the answer, you can begin with your day ASAP. This routine will help you stay in control of your day and your life. You can also try mindfulness techniques to avoid stress. A good night's sleep is the key to waking up more mindfully. You can try Nexon Botanics Zen Sleep essential oil blend to have a peaceful night to sleep for an active day ahead.


5- Mindful Eating 

It's not about when to practice being mindful. Even your simple day-to-day activities offer considerable opportunities to be more aware. Even your essential daily living activities like eating can become part of your mindfulness regime. Eating is the most pleasurable experience for humans, yet, lately, we have reduced eating to only sensations of bite, chew and swallow. We rush through our meals like it's a task that we need to get through. 

Eating can become one of the most relaxing and pleasurable experiences if done mindfully. The first and foremost thing is to eat in a peaceful environment without any distractions. Enjoy each bite and chew thoroughly; take your time to eat your meals. Prefer good company or eat with your family to make it a richer experience. Eat according to your hunger; when you eat slowly and steadily, one is mindful of how much and what they are eating. Eat healthily and enjoy the flavors you love. Eating in this manner can satisfy you better than simply gulping down your food.

Breathe in, breathe out, and you’ve sowed the seed of a blissful beginning. That’s it! All the more prominent and straightforward ways to practice mindfulness. Visit our store for the best products to help you be mindful. Good luck folks!

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