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Top 3 Essential Oils for Pain Therapy

Pain in any body area can be an utter agony that derails us from going about our daily activities. We all have such days when after a hardcore workout, lifting heavy items, or strenuous physical...

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils On a Daily Basis

If you have subscribed to online women’s magazines and beauty care blogs, you might have read about essential oils in great lengths. Stylists and experts can’t stop raving about essential oils’ benefits for skin and...

Keeping With Tradition: The Legend of Four Thieves and their Use of Essential Oils during the Black Plague

Essential oils are liquid compounds extracted from various parts

Which Essential Oils Are the Best for Your Skin Type?

We are spoilt by choices when it comes to skincare products. You can find so many of them, each claiming instant desired results. It is confusing to make a decision on which of these products...
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