8 DIY Fall Essential Oil Blends you will Love

8 DIY Fall Essential Oil Blends you will Love

Autumn is the season for reminiscence. Who doesn't love the rusty leaves falling from trees while the whole land looks like a sunset? Quarantining at home can feel like you're missing out on the most mesmerizing season. 

We know the perfect way you can have autumn feels in the vicinity of your own home. We have collected the best DIY fall essentials oil blends that will make your home smell like autumn heaven in no time. 

Spice up your home with these DIY blends!

8 diy fall essential oil blends you will love pin

Autumn essential oils and DIY essential oil recipes provide cozy fall fragrances to your home. These diffuser blends are easy to make and quick to diffuse in the atmosphere. 

Let's dive in to learn "How to make essential oil blends for the fall"

In this blog, we have the perfect collection of our eight incredible essential oil blends for fall!

Autumn essential oils provide cozy fall fragrances & calming natural scents to enjoy all season long. Fall essential oil diffuser blend recipes are easy and will help you relax. Our unique DIY essential oil blends are not only good for relaxing but are also great for aromatherapy. These blends can also have a significant impact on mood and energy levels throughout the day.

These 8 DIY Fall blends will give your home a signature seasonal scent and bring love and warmth to your home. They will remind you of warm apple pie, cozy fall breeze, and sunsets of autumn. Let's dive into autumn already!


8 DIY Fall Essential Oil Blends

Have you witnessed the intense color scheme the autumn paints? Well, these blends are a similar treat to the senses. We have combined all exotic botanicals to create a stunning collection of DIY essential oil blends to amaze you!

1-The Autumn Spice Blend

This blend utilizes magical spiced essential oils. The smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove will light up the room with a fragrance that attracts children and adults equally. Your house will smell of warm Chai latte and potpourri - Leaving everyone wanting more.

The autumn spice blend

This sensational blend is one of the best cinnamon essential oil blend recipes to bring cozy aromas to your living space.

2-The Crispy Leaf Blend

You can add this blend to the diffuser for a harmonious ambiance that will remind you of the crisp fall leaves and the woods!

the crispy leaf blend

This refreshing blend will take you back in the autumn woods. It’s one of the most calming clove bud essential oil blends for your senses.

3- Warm Apple Pie Blend 

Who doesn’t love a slice of plain old apple pie? This warmth-inducing essential oil blend makes your home smell like freshly baked pie. The baked pie scent helps to relax your mind and creates a sweet, warm and positive environment throughout the day.

Warm Apple Pie Blend

4-Woody Essential Oil Blend

The smell of woods, mud, and autumn leaves take you to the late-night campfires and woody adventures. If you want to be all nostalgic about your camping adventures, then this is the blend for you.

Woody Essential Oil Blend

5-Fresh Autumn Morning Blend

Autumn is just the suitable climate to enjoy the dewy morning and dawn set in! The magical mornings which are neither cold nor warm, are a memory to remember. 

An essential oil blend recipe to help you enjoy those autumn morning walks you might miss due to the pandemic. 

6-Fireplace Evening Blend

The sweet and cold autumn evenings are the best. Those are the times you can sit with your family and enjoy your coffee and sweet treats. It feels like the beginning of winter, but only the kind winter!

This warm blend will take you back to cozy autumn evenings with family any day.

7-Cold Autumn Breeze

The cold autumn breeze sets in towards the mid of the fall! It's the kind beginning of winter. The crisp air is most enjoyable at night and during the evening. This blend will bring the rawness of the crisp breeze to your doorstep.

The freshness of the citrus oils will give your home a raw relaxing aroma that will last a while.

8) Cozy Sweater Blend

Wearing cozy sweaters in the evening on a sunny autumn day is nothing unusual. This blend is all about that vintage aroma that sweaters carry! The warmth they bring on a chilly evening. 

This blend will take you back to the memory lane of your childhood and cozy sweaters.

Your home will not only stay fragrant with these DIY fall essential oil recipes, but your spirits will also remain high while staying indoors.

Spice essential oils, such as cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg essential oils, will make your home smell like an inviting autumn evening.  

Our DIY fall essential oil blends are all about warm, sweet, and woody scents to induce an autumn effect in our homes. These invigorating fall aromas will comfort you after a long, tiring day or energize you in the morning.

There are multiple ways you can use these homemade DIY essential oil blends and enjoy the scented melodies of these oils. You can use these essential oil blends in diffusers and scent wax melts, scented room sprays, candles, and much more. For more such warmth-inducing essential oils, visit our store.

Happy fall to all!

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