5 Myths about Switching to Natural Hand Soaps

5 Myths about Switching to Natural Hand Soaps

Soap has been used universally since ancient times to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Natural soaps were used generously by our ancestors. These soaps were made from botanical extracts, which were great for the skin. However, in more recent times, commercial soaps have taken over. 

5 Myths About Switching to Natural Soap

These chemical-laden soaps promise to provide much more valuable benefits than natural hand soaps.

Commercial soaps are not at all good for your skin health. They contain chemical components that are harsh on the skin and also promote skin sensitivities.

Instead, natural soap formulations are much more gentle on the skin and less hazardous to the environment. So, switching to natural soaps instead of commercial ones can be a wise decision for your skin as well as the environment. 

Some people have falsely associated natural hand soaps with facts that are nothing but myths. In this blog, we will bust five such myths that might be keeping you from switching to natural soap.

5 Myths About Switching to Natural Soap

Cleansing is the first step of good hygiene. Using the right kind of product for this purpose can make a big difference in your daily routine.

Switching to natural soap can be difficult, keeping into consideration all the myths related to natural soap. We have discussed all these myths and exposed them in honesty to make your decision easy.

  1. Natural Soaps Don't Clean Effectively

It is a common belief that natural soaps don't clean effectively compared to chemical soaps. Well, this is a big misconception. Soap molecules work by loosening the dirt and microbes from the skin. Also, using soaps helps to rinse for longer. Both natural and commercial soaps can perform both these functions. 

Commercial soaps that promise to kill germs are harsh on the skin and usually are almost as effective in clarifying the skin as any homemade or natural soap.

natural lavender tea tree hand soap

Nexon Botanic Lavender & Tea Tree Hand Soap is made of natural botanicals that cleanse the skin of any dirt and grime. This soap has an effective cleansing action like any other commercial soap.

So if you're avoiding the switch to natural soap because of this myth, then count it as busted.

  1. Natural Soap Doesn't Lather Well

Do you think that only commercial soaps have rich lather and smooth texture? No, you might be mistaken.

Many natural soaps use organic, natural ingredients to produce a creamy lather that cleans effectively and helps it be more gentle on the skin. 

Many commercial soaps use chemicals like DEA, which is known to have some harmful effects on skin health. 

So, you can grab a natural soap and still have lots of creamy lather to work with, without any added chemicals!

washing hands with soap

  1. Natural Soap is not Worth its Price

Natural soap is a little towards the higher end as far as price is concerned. Some people think that commercial soaps being cost-effective is a better investment compared to natural soaps.This misconception has a straightforward answer. 

Although natural soaps can be a bit pricey, they are totally worth the cost. By paying a little more, you can make sure that your family is not using any products with unnecessary harmful substances which can be otherwise avoided. 

So, the high price is worth it because natural soaps contain high-quality ingredients that are gentle on the skin and provide a nurturing effect. 

natural soap dries the skin
  1. Natural Soap Dries the Skin

Well, this is a no-brainer. Yet many continue to believe it. Natural soap is formulated with rich moisturizing ingredients like coconut, olive oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients that provide intense hydration, leaving the skin feeling satin-smooth and moisturized. 

So, for people out there who believe natural soap dries out the skin. Think again!

  1. Natural Soap is Hard to Find

This last myth is an easy one! Many people think natural soap is hard to find. However, it's not the case. Many small business owners specialize in homemade soap bars. Nexon botanic Guard Hand Soap is an ideal example of natural liquid soap. This soap is formulated with high-end organic ingredients your skin will love. Such products are available in the market at pretty reasonable prices. You can also make your natural soaps with easy DIY recipes. 

So it's a fallacy that natural soaps are hard to find. You need to know the right place to find them.

All these myths, if considered authentic, might put you in a tight spot about switching to natural soaps. However, all these notions are far from the truth. Going natural is an alluring tradition. Switching to natural soaps is suitable for your health and the environment! 

So we have busted these myths for you to make your journey easy. You can visit our store for unique hand washes and essential oils to create your natural soaps.

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