6 Summer Blends You Will Want to Try!

6 Summer Blends You Will Want to Try!

Summer is unarguably the best season of the year. Nothing can beat the beauty of clear blue skies, bright sunshine, warm air, and stars scattered through the heather-purple nights. It is the season you stay outdoors and embrace nature in all its glory.

The energetic and exuberant vibe of summer days becomes even more enjoyable when you come home back to rejuvenating and invigorating scents of summer diffuser blends.

Whether you’re in the mood for revitalizing citrusy scent or need a balancing comfort of woodsy aromatic tones, summer essential oil blends fit the aromatic preferences of every day and situation. 

Try Out These 6 Summer Blends Recipes to Welcome Joy Of Sunny Days

  1. Uplifting Freshness

Experiencing cathartic sunsets and reminiscing pleasant memories on the beach with friends is absolute summertime bliss. It gets even better when the recharging freshness of essential oils’ scents lifts up your spirits. This summer diffuser blend encourages a happy mood and cheerful feelings with a fusion of lemon, lavender, and frankincense oils. 

You’ll need:

  1. Clean and Bright

We love everything about the summer except the sweat that comes from the intense heat. Especially when you are planning get-togethers and can't wait to catch up with friends. The thought of keeping the atmosphere pleasantly scented does cross your mind. But don’t deprive yourself of having a good time because we have got just the right blend for you! 

Below are the essential oils you need for this cleansing summer diffuser blend:

  1. Exotic Botanicals

You don’t have to go far to delight your senses and boost your focus with leafy and woody scents of lush botanicals when you can have this exotic experience at home. Diffuse this summer blend designed with sweet and earthy cedarwood oil, floral lavender oil, and herbaceous clary sage oil. 

Just add the following oils into diffuser or humidifier:

6 summer blends you will want to try blogs nexon botanics lavender cedarwood essential oil

  1. Citrusy Burst

Vibrant, citrusy scents rejuvenate any environment and support an ambiance of energy and vigor. Use this blend during sluggish and languid summer afternoons to feel motivated and energized. 

Below are the essential oils you will need for this summer diffusing recipe:

  1. Carpe Diem

Want to lighten up and enjoy a few relaxing moments with loved ones for a while? In the spirit of revering nature’s bounties to the fullest and making the most of heaven’s blessings, start your days with this summer diffuser blend. The vivifying scent of lemongrass oil combined with purifying tea tree oil and encouraging frankincense oil in this blend is a recipe to squeeze the day. 

Add these essential oils to a diffuser in the ratio defined below:

  1. Summer Rain

If sunshine and happy times are the quintessence of the warm season, then the earthy aroma right after a summer downpour is one of life’s most pleasant scents. Recreate the experience of inhaling the smell of freshly wet soil after a rainstorm in summer with this tropical essential oil blend:

Perfect essential oil blends make the dynamic and bright vibe of summer last longer. Create these wonderful summer diffuser blends with Nexon Botanics Organic Essential Oils to usher sweet reminiscent of warmer days into your space at your pleasure. 

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