DIY Natural Multi-Purpose Citrus Cleaning Spray

DIY Natural Multi-Purpose Citrus Cleaning Spray

Whether you live alone in a one-bedroom flat, share a condo with roommates, or have a well-decorated and luxurious apartment, you will have to take a keen interest in cleaning to keep your space tidy, fresh, and neat. Because impurities, dirt, and germs barge in from God knows where and consider your home as their own until you physically remove them. Maintaining cleanliness is also vital for indoor air quality, health, and personal hygiene. 

Yet, for the sake of tidying up your home, you don't have to endure the strong, over-powering, and chemical-filled scents of commercial cleaning sprays. As per research, many cleaning sprays irritate the eyes, cause headaches, and contribute to breathing issues. 

Therefore taking your self-care into your own hands is better for you and your loved ones, and to do that, we have a DIY Cleaning Spray recipe. Let us show you how to make a multi-purpose citrus cleaning spray at home and what are its benefits:

How to Make Natural Multi-Purpose Citrus Cleaning Spray



Take a small container and add vinegar and water to blend. Then pour baking soda and stir it slowly to dissolve with the vinegar-water solution. Once the baking soda is thoroughly mixed, pour essential oils and combine them together. Transfer the mixture to the spray bottle, and your cleaner is ready. Spritz it on the surfaces that need cleaning. Use a scrub or brush to remove grease, grime, and stubborn stains. Wash with water and dry with a clean cloth. 

Benefits of Ingredients Used in Natural Multi-Purpose Citrus Cleaning Spray

  • White Vinegar

Not only does white vinegar removes yellow stains, mineral deposits, and dirt buildup, but it naturally deodorizes unpleasant odors and gives a shiny finish. The acetic acid in white vinegar is a disinfectant, so it helps kill bacteria and germs, giving you squeaky clean results. Because white vinegar is colorless, it will not leave stains on the surfaces. Plus, it is a non-toxic, safe, and environment-friendly cleaning solution you can use to disinfect your home. 

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda neutralizes bad odors, eliminates tough smudges, and cleanses even the problematic areas like an oven, stove, kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles, microwave, and carpet stains. As a bonus, baking soda works as a deodorant that actually gets rid of foul odors instead of making them. You can use baking soda to withdraw sticky residues and greasy countertops for a shiny and lustrous finish. 

  • Orange Essential Oil

Many cleaning products contain citrus oils or extracts for refreshing scents and effective purifying qualities. Orange oil has powerful germ-fighting abilities that make it a perfect choice for deep cleaning. It removes even the greasiest of spots, kitchen countertops, cooking surfaces, bathroom floors, and mildew buildup. This oil comes in handy when you want to get rid of unpleasant odors from the musty nooks and corners of your house. 

  • Lemon Essential Oil

Similar to orange oil, lemon oil has a wonderfully fresh aroma that deodorizes the atmosphere around you. As a natural cleaner, lemon oil is an excellent residue remover, degreaser, and all-purpose cleaner. Perhaps you want to eliminate soap scum buildup, mineral deposits, hard water spots, or maybe you are worried about the kitchen messes and sticky corners; lemon oil is your cleaning agent for ultra-clean and hygienic surfaces. 

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There is no need to expose yourself and your loved ones to harsh cleaning agents like ammonia and bleach for household cleaning when you have traditional, natural, and chemical-less options. Try out this DIY citrusy spray this time and enjoy the citrusy, crisp, and rejuvenating aromas while you scrub surfaces and counters. For more information on essential oil recipes, benefits, and uses, stay tuned to our blog posts


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