5 Essential Oil DIYs to Boost Your Skincare Hydration

5 Essential Oil DIYs to Boost Your Skincare Hydration

The skincare world is filled with a myriad of myths about essential oils. Essential oils are derived from natural sources such as plants, flowers, roots and seeds. These cannot be used on their own and must be diluted with carrier oils before use. 

5 Essential Oil DIYs to Boost Your Skincare Hydration pin

Essential oils are often used in DIY recipes for skincare and haircare and also as ingredients in cosmeceutical products. This is why they’re perfect to help you rebuild your skincare regimen for hydrated skin. 

5 Essential Oil DIYs for Skin Hydration 

Skin hydration is crucial, regardless of any season. Providing adequate hydration to your skin should be a priority for your skincare regimen because it gives the skin a youthful glow. 

Moreover, hydrated skin feels softer to the touch and looks healthy and supple too. If you want to give your skin some extra love and care, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here are 5 DIY recipes using essential oils to help you boost skin hydration. 

1. Avocado and Peppermint 

Avocados are great for providing both intense hydration and nourishment to the skin. This is why it’s the perfect ingredient for this first DIY recipe. 

  • Add 1 slice of avocado (crushed) 
  • Add 1 tbsp fractionated coconut oil 
  • Add 3 drops of peppermint essential oil 

For this recipe, the Nexon Botanics Peppermint Essential Oil is a perfect fit! Peppermint essential oil boosts moisture retention in the skin, giving you that soft angelic glow. 

2. Argan and Lavender 

    Argan oil is a carrier oil more popularly known as liquid gold. It has incredible hydrating properties and provides nourishment to the skin. This makes it a perfect pair with lavender essential oil. 

    Argan and Lavender

    Apply this DIY mix to your skin with a soft makeup brush and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then, take a warm washcloth and wipe it off your face gently. 

    3. Coconut and Eucalyptus 

      Eucalyptus essential oil has several skincare benefits, making it perfect for another DIY recipe! It rejuvenates the skin, restoring its radiance while also keeping it soft and hydrated. 

      Coconut oil is also excellent for boosting moisture in the skin. Its emollient properties help the skin appear soft and supple. Who doesn’t love that? 

      4. Lemon and Rosemary 

        These two essential oils have been a significant part of the skincare world for a hot minute. They have detoxifying properties that help rejuvenate the skin. This makes them the perfect pair for the next recipe. 

        Lemon and Rosemary

        If this winter has taken a toll on your skin, add this recipe to your regimen! 

        5. Honey and Clove Bud 

          Honey is known to promote skin radiance and hydration. It has emollient properties that soften the skin, making it appear more supple. Paired with the invigorating properties of clove bud essential oil, this DIY recipe will have your skin feeling rejuvenated. 

          These are 5 DIY recipes that you can whip up easily to elevate your skin hydration regimen. Visit the Nexon Botanics store to explore our entire range of essential oils and create some recipes of your own! What are you waiting for?

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