How To Refresh Your Bathroom With Essential Oils

How To Refresh Your Bathroom With Essential Oils

It really doesn’t matter how much effort you put into cleaning, organizing, and embellishing your home. If your bathroom smells bad, the impression is ruined. The sanitization, fancy tiling, lush accessories, and creative decorations all go to waste just becuase of foul odors. Because everyone, including you, will think the bathroom is unclean. 


No, dont get disappointed that your cleaning and hygiene practice is ineffective. You just have to put an end to the lingering unpleasant odors coming from your bathroom. And for that, you can use simple tricks and tips with essential oils, and soon your bathrooms will smell fresh and pleasant ALL THE TIME! 

Wanna know how? Let us guide you.

Best DIY Essential Oils Recipes for Refreshing The Bathrooms

1. Deodorize the Air With Diffusers

    Placing a diffuser in your bathroom is the easiest way to remove uninviting scents from your space. It changes the ambiance, spreads fragrances to all corners, and purifies the air in no time. The choice of essential oils is solely up to your aromatic preference, though. Generally, essential oils with citrus notes, invigorating aromas, and detoxifying properties are top picks for refreshing bathrooms. To create a clean, crisp environment, use this recipe:

    Add these oils to an electric diffuser and turn it on. Diffuse for 15-20 minutes two times a day. 

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    2. Chemical Free Air Freshener

      Most of us avoid using commercial air fresheners because of their chemically loaded composition and overpowering scents that give you an instant headache. An air freshener made with essential oils has many benefits, including, 

      A: It is chemical-free (duh), 

      B: an aromatic combination of your choice, 

      C: improving the mood, 

      D: a little goes a long way, 

      E: inexpensive and natural. 

      Chemical Free Air Freshener

      Here is a recipe that everyone would love:

      Combine the ingredients and shake well before each use. Spritz it on shower curtains or towels for lasting fragrance in the air.

      3. Cleanse Shower Walls With Shower Spray

        The showers walls, curtains, and tub are where foul odors breed. The mineral residue, mildew, product buildup, and stale water scent mix up to create an untidy atmosphere. To ensure a soothing, delightful, and spa-like shower experience, we have a fantastic recipe:

        After showering, spritz the spray on the surfaces, leave it there for a few minutes, then rinse with water. Shake well before using. 

        4. Scrub Away the Grime With All-Purpose Cleaner

          Just imagine you walk into your bathroom, and the tiles give a shiny, clean, and brand new look. Even more remarkable is the fact that you dont need any professional help or special equipment to clean the mould and bacteria from your bathroom floor. The following recipe is an excellent solution for the time when your bathroom floor needs deep cleaning:

          • In a small container, add
          • ¾ cup of baking soda
          • ¼ cup of castile soap
          • 1 tablespoon of water
          • 10 drops of tea tree oil

          Scrub Away the Grime With All-Purpose Cleaner

          Mix well and put a dime-size amount on the floor and other surfaces. Take a scrub or brush and rub to remove stubborn grime and stains. Rinse with water.

          5. Freshen Up Toilet Bowl

            There is nothing worse than the stinky odor of the toilet bowl. But you know what, not anymore. With the cleansing and purifying properties of essential oils you, can stop bad odors right there where they begin. Use the below-mentioned easy recipe:

            • Pour 2-3 drops of tea tree oil into the toilet bowl after each flush.

            It is this simple. Every time you flush, the bad scents will go away like they were never there before. 

            6. Scent Toilet Paper Roll

              Give your bathroom a fresh, lovely, and lush scent with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Add a few drops to the inside of the toilet paper roll. Each time anyone pulls off a piece, the paper roll will spin and spread a revitalizing scent in the air. Thank us later!

              See, it wasn’t that difficult. Incorporate these DIY essential oil recipes to refresh your bathroom and make your home feel clean and hygienic. If you prefer customized essential oil blends, we have our luxurious and unique essential oil blend collection with versatile fragrant combinations.

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