5 Whimsical Essential Oil Blends to Try This Winter

5 Whimsical Essential Oil Blends to Try This Winter

It is that comforting time of yearWinterwhen we’ll ease into the cozy warmth of soft quiltsenjoy crazy snowball fights in the backyardwrap hands around a cup of teasavor good food with great joywatch movies with friendsit’s the season of happiness and festivity. 

But hey, what about the ambiance of your space while you stay indoors? 


To make most of this special cozy season, convert your home into a calming nest with essential oil blends. Essential oil blends improve all your day-to-day activities. They support a sense of peace and prosperity when you feel low. Encourage easier breathing when you struggle with seasonal stress. Promote emotional balance and sound sleep when you need rest. 

Plain and simple, essential oils blends are the ultimate mood enhancers that make you feel better in any given situation with their wonderful scents. 

Without further ado, allow us to introduce 5 whimsical essential oil blend recipes along with the right procedure of blending:

How to Create Essential Oil Blend

There is no hard and fast rule to blending essential oils. It is all about your personal preferences, tastes, and needs. Whether you like spicy aromas, the freshness of citrusy notes, or earthy and woody notes, we have no judgment on your choices. But you have to cover a few bases to create a harmonious and balanced essential oil blend. 

  • Firstly, let it be known that an essential oil blend is composed of three fragrant notes, namely:
    • Top note (this fragrance makes the first impression of your blend when you smell it first . It evaporates very quickly in about 5-10 minutes)
    • Middle note (this fragrance serves as a bridge between the top and base notes. Its scent stays longer than the top note)
    • Base note (This scent lingers the longest and provides depth and balance to the blend)
  • Secondly, the common ratio of three notes in the essential oil blend is 3:5:2. (3 drops of the top note, 5 drops of middle note, and 2 drops of base note)
  • Thirdly, Here is the list of essential oils organized in accordance with their fragrance notes

 Top Note Middle Note Base Note


Chamomile Cedarwood


Clary Sage

Lemon Lavender Sandalwood
Lemongrass Rosemary Vetiver
Peppermint Tea Tree Valerian
Orange Thyme Copaiba
Spearmint Ylang Ylang Patchouli

5 Essential Oil Blends Recipes to Try This Winter

Essential Oil Blend to Refresh Your Home

Fill an empty spray bottle with distilled water. Combine the oils into the bottle. Spritz into your rooms for a refreshing and energetic atmosphere.


Essential Oil Blend to Promote Peaceful Sleep

Mix the oil in a dropper bottle. Add a few drops into your diffuser before bedtime. Run the diffuser for 15-20 minutes before sleep. Enjoy a night of sound and serene sleep.

organic cedarwoord lavender blend

Essential Oil Blend for Supporting Silky Smooth Skin

  • Lemon oil (6 drops)
  • Clary Sage oil (5 drops)
  • Frankincense oil (5 drops)
  • Jojoba oil in the amount to fill the remaining space of a roller bottle

Add the essential oils to an empty roller bottle and top off with jojoba oil. Cleanse your face and follow up with your regular moisturizer. Apply the blend to your entire face including problem areas. Leave it overnight. Use it in your nighttime regimen to improve your skin’s complexion, smoothness, and resilience. 

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Essential Oil Blend to Encourage Calm and Composed Mood

Put the oils into a diffuser to encourage a serene and soothing ambiance in your space. Diffuse it for 15-20 minutes twice a day to deodorize foul odors from the air.

Essential Oil Blend To Ease Sinus Congestion

Place the oils in the diffuser and run it 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes. The essential oil blends revitalizing and refreshing scents will comfort congested airways and promote easier breathing.

Enjoy these 5 whimsical essential oil blend recipes this holiday season and make most of your time with your friends, family, and loved ones!

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