How to Calm Your Mind with Breathing Techniques

How to Calm Your Mind with Breathing Techniques

Breathing is vital to our existence! Our breath keeps us going all day, every day.

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In this blog, we are bringing attention to your breath. It is the easiest way to come back into the prevailing world of self-care and mindfulness. If you wish to become more aware of your daily existence, then, in all honesty, you need to pay attention to your very own breathing patterns.

Here are some professional-accepted methods to loosen up using controlled breathing activities borrowed from centuries-old yoga and meditation traditions.

1- Identical Respiration

This breathing exercise is specifically effective before sleeping. If you're having trouble falling asleep, this breath can help take your mind off the racing thoughts. 

A great way to enhance this breathing technique is by using a diffuser to create a beloved atmosphere. Add Nexon Botanic Breathe Ease Essential Oil blend to your diffuser for a smooth, purified breathing experience.

The way to do it: 

  • Start via sitting down in a comfortable position, cross your legs, preferably 
  • Your eyes may be open or closed. Inhale for four counts, after which exhale for four counts.

2- Belly Breathing approach

The belly breathing technique may be sincerely useful before experiencing an incredibly worrying occasion like taking an examination or giving a large presentation. Nexon Botanic Stress Ease Essential Oil Blend is the perfect choice for these occasions, along with this belly-breathing approach.

The way to do it: 

  • Place one hand on your chest and the other hand on your stomach
  • Take a deep breath in via your nostrils, permitting the diaphragm (not your chest) to inflate with enough air to create a slight stretching sensation to your lungs
  • Slowly exhale, taking 6–10 deep, slow breaths
  • Try this exercise for 10 minutes every day. The use of this respiration approach can help reduce the risk of many diseases. 

3- Relaxing Breath

This respiration workout is an alternative to identical breathing that can also assist you in nodding off quicker. This is a lovely calming breath for the annoying moments in your day. This exercise is like a natural sleeping pill. It'll completely loosen you up. You can also add Nexon Botanic Zen Sleep Essential Oil Blend to the diffuser to double the results of this exercise. It would take some time to master the technique. However, the more you exercise, the extra strength you may gain.

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The way to do it: 

  • Begin by sitting or lying down in a relaxed position. Your eyes can be open or closed.
  • Press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, slightly open your mouth, and exhale till you attain the bottom of your breath near your mouth
  • Quietly inhale through your nostril for four counts. Then keep your breath for 7 counts.
  • Subsequently, exhale very slowly so that it takes a complete eight counts to go back to the bottom of your breath
  • Repeat for 4 complete breaths, and work your manner up to 8 breaths over time.

4-  Nostril Approach 

The very best breathing method to spark off the relaxing machine in your body is to inhale and exhale. Attempt to breathe through the nose to refocus and re-energize. It can help and make you feel more significant and alert. Nexon Botanic Zen Head Essential Oil Blend can be the perfect addition to create an energizing aroma and atmosphere.

zen head

The way to do it:

  • Start through sitting in a comfortable meditative pose
  • Place your dominant hand and press the index and middle fingers into your palm, leaving your ring finger, pinky finger, and thumb prolonged
  • Bring your hand up in front of your face and press your thumb on the outside of one nostril
  • Inhale deeply thru your open nostril
  • At the peak of your inhalation, release your thumb, press your ring finger on the outside of your different nose, and exhale
  • Keep this pattern for 1–2 mins before switching sides, so you inhale thru the nose that you at the start used to exhale, and vice versa
  • Spend the same quantities of time inhaling and exhaling via both nostrils.
You can pair these extraordinary breathing techniques with our essential oil blends to create peace and harmony in your being. For more products and information you can visit our store. Namaste!

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