6 DIY Essential oil Fathers Day Gifts

6 DIY Essential oil Fathers Day Gifts

Fathers are our guardian angels! They are constantly protecting us, looking out for us, caring for us, doing everything to fulfill our needs. We seldom do anything exceptional for our fathers, and they hardly ever expect any special treatment. However, this fathers day, you can make your father feel special and honor him with love, care, and affection. 

It's easy to go to a market and buy expensive gifts, but why not give him something organic, long-lasting, and more befitting the occasion? Show him how much you value him with these simple essential oil DIY fathers day gifts. 

Essential oils are tiny bottles of joy, with a gazillion benefits, some of which are still unknown! DIY gifts made from essential oils can be the best choice for this day. We are sure your father will be delighted with the effort you put into these DIY father's day gifts to make his day a little more special.

6 Fathers Day Gifts with Essential Oils

Here are some easy DIY essential oil gifts for dads. You can use your favorite essential oils for these fathers day essential oil gift ideas. Customize these gifts to your father's liking. We have gathered some of the best ideas to make this fathers day memorable for your dad. Here goes!.

1-Organic Aftershave

Well, if your father is not a beard person, we are sure he will be delighted with the idea of a natural aftershave. Many commercial aftershaves are rough and irritating on the skin. They also contain toxic chemicals and fragrances that are not suitable for the face. How about an organic formula and as soothing for the skin as a commercially bought aftershave? Well, we have just the right recipe for you.



  1. Choose your favorite spray bottle, preferably a dark glass spray bottle.
  2. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and pour them into the bottle with the help of a funnel.
  3. Close the lid, and shake the contents to ensure proper mixing.
  4. Add a tag with a love note for your dad.

Viola! Your perfect all-natural aftershave is ready. Add a nice wrapping paper, and your father will thank you for such a fantastic idea.

organic after shave essential oils gifts on Fathers Day

2-The Perfect Cologne

Who doesn't love a good cologne? Why not give your father the ultimate favorite of every man! A strong cologne made out of natural ingredients only. Synthetic fragrances contain toxins and chemicals that are not at all good for your skin. With our essential oil cologne recipe, your father will not only smell marvelous, but you will also ensure a prosperous and healthy life choice for him. 

Here is an incredible recipe for DIY men's essential oil cologne.



  1. Mix all the essential oils with your favorite carrier oil.
  2. Pour the mixture in a roll-on glass bottle.
  3. Put the lid on and shake the bottle.

This cologne with a woody, earthy aroma will be your dad's next favorite thing in the dresser. He can apply it to the wrist and the neck for a heavenly fragrance every day. You can also add essential oils like peppermint or lavender to make gender-neutral blends you can use likewise.

3-Beard Oil on the Go

If your dad is a bearded man, then the best Father day gift for him is definitely an organic beard oil to keep his beard looking sleek and tamed. We have the ultimate recipe for the beard oil blend to fall in love with that will keep your father’s beard super soft and smelling good all day.



  1. Pour your carrier oils in a plastic bottle with a dropper.
  2. Add the essential oils to the bottle
  3. Shake well.

This natural essential oil beard oil will make your father more ‘beardiful’ than ever. 

4-Goodbye Sore Muscles

Our fathers work all day long, and getting a professional massage or spa treatment is not high on their list. You can bring the spa home with our oil blend for relaxing the sore muscles. Essential oils are miracle workers to relax and relieve sore muscles after a tough workout or a tiring day. We have the perfect recipe for a massage oil that your day can use to wind down after a hectic day.



  1. Add the essential oils to a glass bottle of your choice.
  2. Then add the massage oil, cover tightly.
  3. Be sure to Shake the bottle to mix all the contents well.

This is the perfect blend for calming any sore muscles or aches. You can also make a DIY hot or cold compress or bath salts for the same purpose too as a fathers day gift.

Fathers Day Gifts organic lavender and peppermint oil perfect blend for calming any sore muscles or aches

5-Energy boost for your Dad

There are times you don't have access to a good cup of coffee to invigorate yourself. How about a blend that can make you feel energetic and boost your mood levels too? Help your dad stay focused without the unnecessary caffeine. We have a few suggestions that can give your dad that kick to remain active throughout the day. You can make a blend with the essential oils that can help enhance focus and energy levels throughout the day.



  1. Mix all these oils in a tiny bottle
  2. Use this blend in a diffuser, or, 
  3. Pour a few drops on your palm and inhale for instant freshness.

This miracle oil blend is the most portable and easy-to-carry DIY remedy to feel fresh and energetic. We are sure this fathers day gift will remind your father of you all day round.

6-DIY Lip Balm

Well, don't worry! Lip balms are not only for girls; dads need soft and supple lips too.  We have the perfect recipe for a DIY lip balm that is easy and simple enough to be a fathers day gift. A homemade lip balm is free of any toxins and chemicals compared to commercial ones.



  1. Place a glass bowl into a saucepan with an inch of water to make a double boiler. 
  2. Add the wax, coconut oil (or any other carrier oil), and shea butter in the bowl over low heat.
  3. Remove from heat.
  4. Now stir in the Vitamin E and essential oils in the mixture.
  5. Place into a small tin or a tube and let it cool.

Use cute small and plain tins or a large aluminum tube so your father can carry it around easily. This little gift will become a handy one soon enough.

This is the ultimate father's day gift guide that is both easy, natural, and durable. Visit our store to get all organic essential oils for this gift guide. There are many ways to celebrate your dad this father's day, but nothing says I love you better than a present! So, this fathers day, show your day how much he means to you in the most beautiful way possible. Good luck celebrating.

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