Blends to Welcome Winter!

Blends to Welcome Winter!

How do you welcome winter? Warm Cashmere, hot coffee, Apple Pie, and none other than some exotic winter essential oil blends to make your ambiance cozy and warm!

Winter brings with it chilly breezes, cruel winds, and whatnot! This season is all about cold weather outside and a warm and fuzzy atmosphere inside your home. So what can be better to create a warm, cozy environment? Our winter essential oil blends will make your home smell merry and bright like never before.

Here we have eight crisp winter blends to spice up your holiday season, making you appreciate the holiday spirit and winter in general!


Diffusing Your Holiday Winter Blends

The most appropriate way to benefit from essential oils is by diffusing them. Diffusers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This activity can be a significant lifestyle change, but it's also fun and easy. 

All you have to do is add a few drops to the diffuser. Please turn it on and let it create a cozy aura!

It is suggested to use around 4-6 drops of essential oils or a maximum of 10 drops for mild tones. Set the water limit to approximately 180ml of water, but you can certainly modify it according to your preference and needs.

Favorite Blends to Welcome Winter

1-Cinnamon Sugar Blend

The heavenly aroma of cinnamon and sugar is enough to remind you of freshly baked buns and cakes. This blend will make your home smell like a bakery! So, you can enjoy the aroma with a cup of hot chocolate on the side.

cinnamon essential oil sniffing

2-Candy Cane Blend

Trick or treat? Well, definitely treat. A tangy-sweet has been a favorite for many children and adults likewise—Candy canes! This blend will make your home smell merry and candilicious.

3-Christmas Tree Blend

Winters bring us another gift with them. They mark the beginning of the holiday season, meaning that Christmas is near! Won't you love when your home smells like Christmas? Well, this blend will do precisely that for you.

  • 5 drops Douglas Fir Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Cypress Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Juniper Berry Essential Oil

essential oil blend gift set

4-The Hot Chai Blend 

Who doesn't love hot beverages in winters? Reading your favorite book near the fireplace while you sip on chai. Here's a blend to create that aura in your home.

essential oil blends

5-Warm & Cozy Blend

Staying in bed all day with your cozy blankets and sheets. What about you enjoy a warm and cozy diffuser blend to make you feel more comfortable and warm. Here we have the perfect ingredients for that occasion.

6-The Happy Snow Blend 

That moment when you see small flakes of white fall on your palms—Now, that's a happy moment. Here we have a happy snow blend, subtle tones to remind you of the good times.

7-Sweet Slumber Blend

Those sweet moments of deep sleep while you crumpled up in warm blankets and sweaters are heavenly. Create that relaxing and warm aura in your room with this winter blend.

8-The Fireplace Blend

The smell of burnt wood and warm aromas always excites you. This blend will bring the fireplace feel to your home, even if you don't have one.

You can try these blends to celebrate each moment of the winter season. For more essential oils and pre-made blends, visit our store. Winter is here! Enjoy!

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