The Best Massage Techniques Featuring Essential Oils

The Best Massage Techniques Featuring Essential Oils

A massage can be the most relaxing sensation in the world. Across cultures, there are many massage techniques to help achieve this relaxation. Some massages, of course, feel better than others. 


Nexon Botanics is here to rank the top 5 best massage techniques using a wide range of essential oils. Essential oils are an excellent element to add to your massages for an elevated experience. They hold profound benefits for massages, including easing sore muscles and comforting aches. 

The best massages need the best equipment, too. Ensure that your massage bed is comfortable, your humidifier works, and your space is clean for a relaxing experience. 

5 Best Massage Techniques Using Essential Oils 

1. Sports Massage 

It’s all in the name. A sports massage is a technique used by people who physically exert themselves very frequently. This technique helps to soothe tension in the muscles. 

The main elements of a sports massage include rocking, shaking, vibrations and compression. These methods help to mobilize soft tissues necessary for muscle recovery after intense physical activity. 

If you’ve gone a little too hard at the gym or regularly play a sport, this massage technique is tailor-made for you. Nexon Botanics Frankincense Oil is the perfect essential oil to pair with this massage technique because it helps comfort an aching body while also soothing soreness and muscular pain. 

2. Deep Tissue Massage 

This is the most immersive massage technique because it engages your deep tissue. This massage technique uses slow strokes to help relieve muscle tension in the deep layers of muscle. 

This type of massage uses high pressure on areas of the body that experience pain to help soften the tissue. 

For this massage technique, Nexon Botanics Clove Bud Essential Oil is the perfect oil. It comforts tired muscles and soothes soreness. It also has an invigorating scent that uplifts the mood, which would be the perfect addition to a great massage! 


3. Swedish Massage 

Yes, it is as exotic as it sounds! The Swedish massage is a full-body massage intended for full-body relaxation. 

This massage involves different styles, including kneading, stroking, gliding and tapping. This massage technique has become one of the most popular ones out there. 

To experience the best this massage has to offer, it would be wise to build the perfect ambiance to complement it. The Nexon Botanics Lavender Essential Oil promotes a relaxing environment, perfect for your Swedish massage. 

4. Hot Stone Massage 

For this massage -- you guessed it -- you’ll need hot stones! In this massage, stones of different sizes are placed all over the body to release muscle tension and stimulate the body. 

This massage technique can induce intense relaxation and provide muscle relief. It is commonly used when there is damage to tissue or when muscles are experiencing tension. 

For this technique, you could combine the cooling scent of Nexon Botanics Peppermint Essential Oil in a diffuser with the heat of the stones for a wonderful, holistic experience. 


5. Shiatsu Massage 

This is a Japanese massage technique performed with comfortable clothing and no oils on the body. 

It helps promote flexibility of the joints and helps reduce feelings of anxiety or stress. For this massage technique, a diffuser blend would work wonders to enhance the experience. Combine Nexon Botanics Eucalyptus Essential Oil with Nexon Botanics Rosemary Essential Oil. This blend would help soothe anxious feelings and help reduce stress. This technique paired with this blend is perfect if you have a high-stress job or take a lot of stress. 

These massage techniques are used popularly by massage therapists worldwide. Visit the Nexon Botanics store to explore which essential oils work best for your massage sessions! 

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