Summer’s Best Natural Skincare With Essential Oils

Summer’s Best Natural Skincare With Essential Oils

Summer is the season of long days, vacations, recreation, and relaxation. It is time to come out of the covers and embrace the bright sunshine. 

While we love to spend more time outdoors in the summer, your skin doesn't enjoy it as much as you. The hot weather and over-exposure to the sun lead to numerous skin issues. The dry air deprives your skin of its natural glow, leaving it looking dull, rough, and uneven. 

Summer’s Best Natural Skincare With Essential Oils

Regardless of the weather changes, if you want to go out, go out. Just adjust your skincare routine to meet the needs of warmer days. For that, essential oils are incredibly beneficial.

Here is how you can use essential oils in your skincare routine in summers:

1. Cleanse With Lavender Oil

    As if dust, impurities, and smoke particles were not enough to clog the pores, the sweat during the summer is an additional participant that gives your skin a tough time. You will experience frequent acne breakouts, blackheads, itchiness, redness, and irritations due to the warm weather. To ensure proper cleansing of the skin and keep it at its healthiest, your go-to natural remedy is Lavender Oil. 

    Lavender oil has purifying and hydrating properties that soothe irritations, remove impurities, and compensate for the loss of skin moisture. An easy way to add Lavender Oil to your skincare regimen is:


    • In an empty spray bottle
    • Add 8 ounces of distilled water
    • Mix 4 drops of lavender oil
    • Shake well 
    • Use it several times a day

    2. Soothe Sunburn With Tea Tree Oil

      It feels so good to finally be able to enjoy the fresh air after spending months wrapped up in blankets and sweaters. Whether it is hiking, kayaking, or camping, all summer activities involve being in the sun for long hourswhich comes with the price of sunburns. Repeated exposure to UV rays makes your skin dry, sensitive, inflamed, and increasingly warm, known as sunburn. The essential oil answer to sunburnt skin isTea Tree Oil.

      Soothe Sunburn With Tea Tree Oil

      Tea Tree Oil is an effective yet gentle antioxidant and exfoliator. It calms itchy and irritated skin and boughs away dead cells, uncovering a fresh and dewy complexion. In addition, tea tree oil exhibits a powerful moisturizing ability to rehydrate the skin. Try the following recipe to soothe sunburn with tea tree oil:


      • Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with five drops of Tea Tree Oil.
      • Apply the blend to sunburnt skin.
      • Let it absorb.
      • Use it twice daily.

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      3. Moisturize With Frankincense Oil

        Despite a widespread belief that moisturizing is only necessary for the winters because of the cold weather, your skin requires moisturization in all seasons. The summer heat absorbs the natural oils and dries out the skin’s outer layers. Further, excessive sweating and indoor air-conditioning contribute to dehydrated, patchy, and rough texture. However, you must switch from heavy creams to lightweight moisturizers to adapt to summer’s hot weather. A softening essential oil that you can use as a moisturizer is frankincense oil.

        Frankincense oil enhances the suppleness and elasticity of the skin with its intensely moisturizing properties. It smooths the look of wrinkles, reduces discolorations, and gives you a visibly clear and youthful complexion. Besides promoting radiance, frankincense oil prevents future incidences of acne breakouts and protects from environmental damage. 


        • Into an empty amber-colored glass dropper bottle
        • Add 2 oz argan oil
        • 15 drops of Frankincense Oil
        • 10 drops of Lavender Oil
        • Shake well.
        • Apply 3-5 drops to moisturize your face.
        • Use it morning and night.
        • Store in a cool, dry place.

        4. Facial Massage With Orange Oil

          From increasing circulation, unclogging pores, and improving the tone, to reducing the signs of sun damage, a facial massage supports skin wellness on many levels. It releases tension from the facial muscles and encourages collagen production. Also, during the upward motion in massage,  the dead cells get removed and reveal a relaxed and refreshed layer. For a therapeutic facial massage in the summers, use: Orange Oil. 

          facial massage with orange oil

          Orange oil is an excellent muscle relaxant and skincare ingredient. Its hydrating and clarifying action is known to brighten the complexion and support a plump texture. At the same time, the rejuvenating abilities of limonene and linalool compounds in orange oil calm sore and stressed muscles. 

          Create your own homemade facial massage blend using the following recipe


          • Blend 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil with 4 drops of Orange Oil.
          • Gently massage all over your face until fully absorbed.

          Summer is just around the corner and it is about time to plan a skincare regimen to deal with weather changes. We hope our natural skincare strategy is of help and benefit to you. Do the needful, and enjoy the summer’s bliss without inhibitions!

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