8 Ways to Make Time for Self-Care

8 Ways to Make Time for Self-Care

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

People are so busy and occupied with work, social commitments, and personal responsibilities that now “self-care” is the last of their priorities. When in fact, working too much and not taking rest is not good for mental wellness as well as physical health. It increases your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, causes high blood pressure, compromises judgment ability, exhausts the body, and whatnot. It is like running a car engine with the least amount of fuel yet expecting to give more mileage. 

8 Ways to Make Time for Self-Care

So self-care is vital if you want to achieve your life goals. This Memorial Day, make time for your self care and we are here to tell you how! 

In this guide, we have explained 8 ways to make time for self-care:

1. Create a Sustainable Work Schedule

    We all have those days when we are entirely focused and dedicated, and then there are other days when we simply can't. You don't have to push yourself for not being able to work long hours every day. Preferably, create a sustainable work schedule and stick to it. During those hours, your center of attention should be the task at hand only. This way, you can do more without tiring yourself out.

    2. Say “No” More Often

      If you like to offer help and be useful to people, it tells alot about your personality. But your good manners should not deplete your energy reservoirs. Say “no” when you feel tired, and your friends ask you to help them with their chores. Your answer must be in negation when you have already done an extra shift and your colleague requests to look into their assignments. Don't stress, give your reasons politely and excuse yourself. Those who care for you will empathize.

      3. Make Time For Work Out

        Exercise is the best stress-reliever there is. It reduces tension, improves immune health, increases stamina, enhances cognitive performance, releases endorphins, and much more. Besides, physical activities keep your weight under control and your body in shape. You can start slow and choose a low-intensity exercise of your choice. Be it yoga, dance routine, walking, or cycling, and you can enjoy it as a hobby.

        Make Time For Work Out

        4. Choose Your Place of Peace

          There should be a specific place where you can rest, relax, and recharge yourself. You can decorate this corner with paintings, plants, crafts, or cloth items. Perhaps you can create a serene environment in this spot by diffusing soothing aromas of lavender oil, frankincense oil, or maybe cinnamon oil. Essential oil scents are known to ease stressful and anxious feelings. Think where this place could be, and decorate it with your favorite belongings. Sit there to declutter your mind every once in a while. 

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          5. Include Down Time in Your Routine

            Yes, work is essential, but so is taking a rest. Schedule a specific downtime in your routine. In your downtime, read a book, sleep, book a salon appointment, watch a movie, or hang out with friends, whatever you like to do for recreation. It will encourage a positive mindset and improve your mood, preparing you for your professional duties. 

            Include downtime in your routine

            6. Social Media Detox

              Do you realize how often you reach for your phone to check notifications on your social media accounts? How often do you pause and take a perfect selfie to post on Instagram while on vacation? Or your days just can't start without scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed. Spending too much time on social media wastes your mental energy and makes you increasingly anxious. Social media was made for fun, not for procrastination. Unplug yourself from your social account to get better clarity on matters and mindful thinking. 

              7. Catch Up On Lost Sleep

                The recommended sleep hours are eight, and sleeping any less than these hours means you are sleep-deprived. Not getting enough sleep increases stress, affects your energy levels, compromises your decision-making ability, and you would face trouble solving problems. So come what may get sufficient sleeping hours of sleep, you can binge-watch that show during the day. 

                catch up on your lost sleep

                8. Appreciate Your Blessings

                  Everyone gets stressed and worried from time to time, but dont let your struggles make you overlook the blessings you have. Love yourself and those around you. Meet your family and close ones when you feel low and tired. Express yourself to like-minded people to come up with solutions to your problems. And most importantly, embrace who you are and let go of seld-deprecating emotions.

                  Self-care is a conscious act of enhancing physical, emotional, and mental wellness by engaging in purposeful pursuits. Whatever makes your heart and mind happy, do that. Have a proper diet and sleep well. Remember, your relationship with yourself establishes the foundation for relationships with others! This Memorial Day, make the most for yourself, your mental health, and your loved ones! 

                  Stay tuned to our blog for more wellness, selfcare, and beauty tips ad benefits!

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