Reusing Empty Essential Oil Bottles: Cleaning, Hacks & Crafts

Reusing Empty Essential Oil Bottles: Cleaning, Hacks & Crafts

Are you an essential oil lover?

Who isn't these days! 

Essential oils are tiny bottles of miracles with multiple benefits for your physical and spiritual well-being. 

The question is, "Do you have a pile of empty essential oil bottles lying around? Well, No worries. All Essential oil enthusiasts suffer from multiple empty bottles disease. I am sure you'd be excited to know that all these bottles you deem to be useless can be used in numerous amazing ways. You can create multiple crafts with empty essential oil bottles with a bit of effort and some additional materials. 

We have collected some of the most unique and easy to carry out ideas to reuse empty essential oil bottles.

9 Unique Ways to Reuse Essential Oil Bottles

The first step, however, is cleaning these bottles.

Let's dive into the process step by step!

How to Clean Essential Oil Bottles?

Cleaning your essential oil bottles for reuse is the first step to create unique DIYs with these bottles. It would be best if you washed all your collection of empty bottles authentically and sterilized them to start your DIY projects.

To reuse your essential oil bottles effectively, here's what you need to do. 

  • Let the empty bottles soak in a bowl of hot soapy water overnight
  • Remove all the labels from the bottles
  • Also, remove the cap and orifice
  • Run them through a cycle on the dishwasher, or you could boil them in hot water to completely sterilize them
  • Let them dry afterward

9 Unique Ways to Reuse Essential Oil Bottles

1- Roll On Bottles On the Go 

You can easily create your own roll-on bottles for applying carrier oil or homemade deodorants by reusing diffuser or essential oil bottles. You can easily add a rollerball insert to empty essential oil bottles into roller bottles.  

You can get the roller ball inserts easily from the market, add your favorite calming essential oil blend or your favorite carrier oil, snap on the inserts. Viola! You have your own roller bottles. Make as many as you prefer.

roll on bottles

2- Twinkling Starry Lights 

Who doesn't love good lightning in a room to create a warm ambiance? You can light up your space by using empty essential oil bottles. You can make great string lights for a holiday party with these bottles. 

  • Thoroughly clean your empty bottles
  • Remove the dropper and the caps
  • Now, press the bottles over each bulb on a string of lights

There! Now you have an easy DIY that can elevate your space a bit. 

soothing candles

3- Soothing Candles

Another DIY to add to your space are some DIY essential oil candles for your room or your bathtub stand for a spa-like effect. 

  • Take a few empty essential oil bottles; if it has some essential oil left, that is perfectly fine
  • Take regular candle wax
  • Melt the wax on a double boiler
  • Add a few more drops of essential oil for a more profound scent
  • Now place candle wicks in the bottles with support
  • Pour in the candle wax and let it set

Place these tiny scented candles for a comforting spa-worthy effect.

4- Fancy Travel Containers 

What to do with empty diffuser bottles? Well, make a travel set out of them. Don't you always struggle with what to take along on holiday? We all do. You can reuse essential oil bottles and make your own travel-friendly kit with all your favorite products to carry along on vacation. 

  • Clean the bottles and remove the droppers and orifices
  • Add roller blade inserts, or simple caps, or even droppers for serums! 
  • Customize your travel set, and to spice it up, you can add pretty labels and a fancy makeup bag for the final effect 

5- Scented Bath Salts

All empty essential bottles have some oil left; As the scent of essential oils is strong! We know the perfect way to utilize this property. You can use these empty bottles to create scented bath salts for a soothing bath.

Put the essential oil bottle with 1 cup of Epsom salt in a sealed container for at least 48 hours. 

Viola! You now have bath salts with a heavenly fragrance! 

Or you can take a jar of Epsom salt and add multiple empty essential oil bottles to scent the salts thoroughly and for a more robust aroma. Add these salts to bath water for a gentle and clearing bath.

easy to carry perfume

6- Easy to Cary Perfume Containers

You can't carry your expensive Gucci perfume to the office every day. Can you? Well, we know the perfect hack for you. 

  • Clean your essential oil bottles
  • Now refill the bottles with your favorite scent 
  • Add a spray bottle insert on the top. 

You can carry these tiny vials to your office or on vacation, the best part! You can take along all your favorite perfumes this way. 

7- Natural Hand Sanitizer 

With the pandemic not leaving us alone. This is the most beneficial way to use empty essential oil dropper bottles. It's the most effective way to use up the last drops of essential oil in an almost empty bottle. You can use these easy-to-carry essential oil bottles on the go. Here's the easy receipt for natural sanitizer at home.

  • Fill the ¾th of the bottle with witch hazel
  • Now add 3 drops of your favorite essential oil to the empty bottle.
  • The combinations that work great for hand sanitizers include
  1. Tea tree, Lavender and Lemon 
  2. Eucalyptus and Rosemary
  3. Clove, cinnamon, and lemon
  • Add carrier oil to the mix for a moisturizing effect
  • Add a spray top insert
  • Now, shake the bottle

You can keep these tiny spray sanitizers at home, in the car, or your bag. They are a convenient option for everyday use!

8- Natural Face Serum

How to reuse serum bottles? You can make your own DIY All-natural serum for naturally glowing skin. The serum is the best way to add moisture to your skincare routine. 

  • Add a few drops of essential oils like Geranium, Tea Tree, and Rosemary oil to your favorite carrier oil
  • You can also add glycerin and vitamin E for additional benefits
  • Store your new serum in an empty essential oil bottle and use it on the go!

There are many DIY's you can try. So, order more essential oils from our store to add to both your collection of oils and empty essential oil bottles. Happy shopping, Fill your carts, folks!

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