Top 4 Best Nexon Botanics Essential Oil Blends to Try This Black Friday

Top 4 Best Nexon Botanics Essential Oil Blends to Try This Black Friday

Are you obsessed with essential oils? Well, if that's the case, then you are not alone! We are here with amazing black Friday essential oil deals this winter.


Essential oils are an enigma on their own. These botanical wonders are concentrated extracts that have a wide array of benefits for your overall well-being. 

Aromatherapy is not only beneficial but also -In- nowadays. You can mix two or more essential oils in a diffuser to create a customized blend that is more potent and effective than singular tones. You can try our essential oil diffuser black friday deals aswell.

In this article, we will explore four such exotic combinations of essential oil recipes for your diffuser that are an all-time favorite and a must-have for everyone. 

How to Use Different Blends in Your Diffuser?

Do you want to learn something fun and easy for a change? Diffusing essential oils can be loads of fun, and it's immensely worthwhile too.

Soon enough, you will become satisfied with experimenting and playing around with different combinations of essential oils.

To use your desired combination in the diffuser, add a few drops of each essential oil you like into the diffuser along with the recommended water amount that your tank requires—Viola! You're done.

How to Use Different Blends in Your Diffuser?

How Much of Essential Oil Blends Should You Add?

The amount of blend that is appropriate for a room depends on certain factors like whether you like a strong aroma, a gentle one, the size of the room, or the potency of the oil you are using.

However, a rough estimate between 5-10 drops works wonders for any diffuser. 

Top 4 Essential Oil Blends

These unique, essential oil diffuser blend recipes are one of a kind. These universal combinations work for any situation or any location.

Here are our black Friday essential oil sale blends you should definitely try. Let's roll!

Morning Sun Shine Blend

Mornings are beautiful—How about capturing them in an essential oil blend? Here we have combined the floral aroma of rosemary and grapefruit to create a happy-go-lucky scent to love in the morning.

morning sunshine blend

  • 2 drops Rosemary essential oil
  • 2 drop Grapefruit essential oil
  • 2 drops Peppermint essential oil
  • 1 drop Frankincense essential oil

This blend will take you to the nostalgia of sunny mornings any time of the day!

Evening Breeze Blend 

This is one of a kind diffuser blend suitable for every room! The calming and soothing aromas reminisce you to the gentle evening breeze! A blend to invoke feelings of relaxation, peace, and harmony.

A relaxing evening awaits you!

Riversdale Blend 

Nothing can be more soothing than the gentle sound of water splashing across the rocks. This is one of the best simple essential combinations for diffusers. This unique combo contains essential oils with refreshing aromas for a premium effect. 

A refreshing experience on your doorstep!

Citrus Explosion Blend

Don't you love oranges in the winter, Orange juice for breakfast, or lemonade? Well, we are well aware of the large fan base of these citrus must-haves. In this diffuser blend, we have combined all the citrusy aromas to create an explosive, potent citrusy aroma everyone around you will love.

This citrusy combination is all about the refreshing aromas you and your family will love. 

These Black Friday essential oil diffuser blends create a holistic environment in your home! You can also get our premade blends from our store to skip the hassle of making any. However, if you are interested in this project, we have a fantastic range of Black Friday essential oil deals to choose from. Bon Voyage!

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