Top Nine Essential Oil Body Spray Recipes

Top Nine Essential Oil Body Spray Recipes

Good fragrances give you a feeling of great vibes throughout the day. What can be better than nature's wonder for this purpose—known as essential oils? 

You can use this organic wonder to scent your linens, home, or your bodies altogether. A remarkable fact about the fragrance of essential oils is that they are all-natural, refreshing, and non-toxic.

Top Nine Essential Oil Body Spray Recipes

Essential oil body sprays are also great for aromatherapy to help with numerous body and mind issues. Using these extracts as body sprays save you from the toxicity of commercial sprays that usually contain harmful chemicals. 

Another fun fact is that these body sprays are multi-purpose sprays that can be used as air fresheners, car sprays, etc. Here we have discussed multiple recipes to create your favorite all-natural body spray recipes from scratch. Let's roll.

How to Make Essential Oil Body Sprays? 

This article will help you fill your home with rich scents that will create an atmosphere of peace and calm. You can try these great recipes or create your own custom body spray that fulfills your needs. Now let's understand the basics you need to remember to understand DIY body sprays with essential oils.


  • 4 oz spray container
  • 3 oz distilled water
  • 1 oz ethanol alcohol
  • 48 drops of your favorite essential oils  
How to Make Essential Oil Body Sprays?

Steps to Follow:

1-First things first, you need to gather your ingredients together. Also, take a 4 oz plastic or glass spray bottle.

2-Start by mixing one oz of rubbing alcohol in a bowl. Alcohol helps the body spray to bind better and helps the fragrance to last longer. 

3-Now, add your preferred essential oils to the bowl one by one. Cover the bowl and let the mixture sit for an hour to allow the aromas to develop.

4-Last but not least, finish your body spray by topping up with distilled water. 

5- Add the solution to the container with the help of a funnel. Shake the bottle to create a uniform mixture.

6- Now, spray away! You can use this as a body spray, air freshener, or any other way you prefer.

Essential Oil Body Spray Recipes

Here we have nine unique recipes you need to try out for sure. These recipes contain a delightful combination of essential oils that experiments with earthy, herbaceous, and floral tones altogether to create a mesmerizing aroma, leaving you wanting more.

Minty Bark Body Spray 

This DIY essential oil perfume combines the goodness of fresh bark fragrance with minty goodness.

Floral Enigma Body Spray

This homemade body spray will leave you smelling like fresh flowers all day long.

Floral Enigma Body Spray

  • 20 drops Rosemary Oil
  • 18 drops Ylang Ylang Oil
  • 10 drops Geranium Oil

Fresh Breeze Body Spray

Enjoy the fresh, breezy fragrance this season with our beautiful body spray.

Sleepy Heaven Body Spray

A calming aroma that will make you want to relax and leave your stresses behind.

Calm Rivers Body Spray

A calming aroma that will remind you of the running rivers!

Lemon Tart Body Spray

The sweet and limey aroma helps enhance your focus and attention.

Citrus Delight Body Spray

Winter is here with its touch of oranges we all love!

Flower Pie Body Spray

Sweet floral fragrance combined with warm cinnamon scents.

Morning Rain Body Spray

Enjoy the morning rain with our all-natural homemade body spray!

morning rain body spray

These fantastic body spray recipes will keep you smelling heavenly all day long. To access our inventory of essential oils, do visit our store. Bon, voyage!

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